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THIS WEEK: Wazzup with the Library purchase?


Timberland Regional Library’s agreement to support the Yelm Library lease ends this Saturday, requiring the City of Yelm to bear the full amount of expenses for monthly rent beginning January 1, 2012. TRL will continue to provide library services and staff.

Wazzup with the Library purchase?
The question remains as to what could be taking so long to get a contract finalized for purchase, given Mayor Harding said the City of Yelm and seller Margaret Clapp agreed on a $1 million purchase price back in April. The public is still in the dark.
Where are Mayor Harding’s regular updates to inform the taxpayers & patrons?

While the Save the Yelm Library group raised $25,000 to add to other contributions of approx $5,000, their Facebook page has nothing to say about the fact that no contract has been shared with the public and HOW the city intends to pay for the purchase. No fundraising goals have been set by the city since no one knows to what terms and at what interest rate their donations for a library purchase are aimed.
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In closing:
Keven Graves is quoted from his November 25, 2005 editorial in the local newspaper:
“We (he & then Mayor-elect Harding) agree that a transparent government is better government.”

Since taxpaying citizens both within and outside of Yelm support the library financially yet do not demand transparency nor answers, the city has no incentive to publicly comment unless necessary.
The lack of transparency and away-from-public Council Executive Sessions have NOT made for better government here.
Perhaps this story here will garner an NVN article with an update on Thursday?

– An unaware and uninvolved public are Yelm City Council’s greatest allies in carrying forth their agenda.

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