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Meet the gang at Cozy Vale Farm, Tenino
Copyright 2011 Cozy Vale Farm. Used with permission.

Cozy Valley Creamery owner Laurie Barta issued a public statement about the recent publicity. Here is an excerpt:

“There never was any ecoli found in our milk product. They did not find any ecoli in any of the milk samples taken. And the WSDA sampled over 36 seperate (sic) containers of milk (that I counted anyway). They tested the milk that the sick person drank from, no ecoli found. When my facility was swabbed down, they did not find ecoli anywhere that the milk would be.”

“January 3rd, lawsuit filed, big bad ugly press, gossip abounds, and business in the tank…meanwhile, cows still giving lots of good milk…do I use it as fertilizer and hope that business will pick up, or should I send the girls to the slaughter house?”

Read more from Barta’s full statement.

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