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PSE Real-time Updates
Saturday, Jan. 21, 2012, 6:00 p.m.
Storm Overview

The damage inflicted on PSEs electric system has been very unusual during this storm. We made preparations over the weekend for a big snow, which came and did relatively little damage.

Then the freezing rain started and caused two days of limbs and trees crashing to the ground, along with any electric lines under them. On Thursday, our lines were being repaired only to have them damaged again as new limbs and trees fell. The number of customers without service went from a few thousand Wednesday night to about 270,000 on Thursday.

The weather has stabilized and we are now able to make repairs without them being undone by more bad weather.

The vast majority of our customers will have their service restored this weekend. People living in more remote and/or forested areas will be later. The restoration times shown in the attached document are when we think the last customers in the areas will see their lights come back on.

We know this has been very difficult for everyone who lost power during this storm. We very much appreciate your patience and the support and kindness that have been shown to the hundreds of PSE people in the field as well as the hundreds of men and women who have come from other utilities and other states to help us repair the damage.

Prepare for Power Restoration

In preparation for power restoration, we ask that customers who have overhead distribution lines serving their homes make sure there is no damage to the weatherhead the roof-mounted pole-like structure where the electrical service enters their home that belongs to them….

We also ask that customers without power turn off lights, appliances and electronic devices, leaving one light on so they know when power has returned. This is to ensure electrical lines serving their neighborhood doesnt become overloaded and blow a fuse, causing a second outage.
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