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I appreciate the outpouring of support and understanding on my comments in response to the Tyler Huey’s story in the NVN last week. My story was titled: Joe Paterno, A Perspective
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The many heartfelt comments I received and the blog’s high view numbers indicate this entry may have been a contributing factor to Huey’s NVN story being their Most Popular all week on their website.
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Greg Couch wrote this excellent story for Fox Sports and said:
“There was a lot of talk about Paternos legacy. What is it? A few speakers said it is in his former players, and in what theyre doing now.”

“Paterno never had a chance to redeem himself, or even to explain.”

Ed. Note:
I happen to find our laws provide guidance on this – a person is innocent until proven guilty, regardless of those in the media being judge, jury and sentencer. Certainly in the Sandusky trial, Paterno would have been called as a witness and been able to publicly explain his side.

As Couch said in his story,
“He tried, speaking with Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post in the final days before he died. He said something about not understanding about rape and men. Its hard to believe he was that ignorant, honestly.”

“The truth is, he was a dying, 85-year-old man trying to defend himself in that interview. Its hard to say if he was even of sound mind.”

I hope we remember this when we might feel compelled to join in to “tar-and-feather” someone in the Town Square prior to their case being heard, as Huey did. A rush to judgement from the sidelines serves no-one and society has made several errors about others for thousands of years – after all, the Church took 350 years before finally admitting their error about Galileo!

Joe Paterno deserved better!

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