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Justine Schmidt filed this report on the proposed Nisqually Jail”

“This e mail is to provide information about the proposed Nisqually Regional Jail. Our grass roots organization, Stop the Jail Association continues to be aggressive in the fight to stop or block the proposed Nisqually Jail from being built in the location at the corner of Yelm Highway SE and Hwy. 510.

Last week, January 6, 2012, we met at the site with a representative from Congressman Adam Smith’s office. They are at this time drafting how their office can or can not assist us in our fight. Our “do over” letter to the Bureau of Indiana Affairs has been forwarded to a Montana office for review. In this “do over” letter we stated that the community was NOT properly notified of the project and that the environmental assessment for this proposed project was not sufficient. We also demanded in this letter that the project be stopped until a proper Environmental Impact Statement be completed – which when performed we would anticipate would not be approved.

We have been approached by someone in the community who wishes to back our organization and is contributing $17,000. Once again we are asking the community to consider contributing to our attorney, Bricklin and Newman in Settle to file an injunction. Our attorney stated we would need at least $40,000 for this case. If we are not able to stop this project from being built at this location our property values will anticipate will decrease substantially.

Contact us directly and remember time is of the essence. Continue to read our blog or facebook page for updates. Included on these sites is a documents site where we have scanned all of the documents we have compiled from various agencies, local and Federal. http://stopnisquallyjail.blogspot.com/ and http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stop-the-Nisqually-Jail/216783311692402?sk=wall

Thank you for your support.”

Stop the Nisqually Jail (SNJ) would also like you to include the following in your consideration to STOP the construction of the Nisqually Indian Regional Public Safety Complex.

The 1854 Treaty with the Nisqually Indian Tribe states in Article 8

The aforesaid tribes and bands acknowledge their dependence on the Government of the United States, and promise to be friendly with all citizens thereof, and pledge themselves to commit no depredations on the property of such citizens. And should any one or more of them violate this pledge, and the fact be satisfactorily proved before the agent, the property taken shall be returned, or in default thereof, or if injured or destroyed, compensation may be made by the Government out of their annuities.

SNJ would like to acknowledge that the proposed Nisqually Indian Regional Public Safety Complex will cause depredation on the property of such citizens.
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