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“Grow vegetables in villages, towns, cities, parks and public places instead of flowers, free food for all!”

“Most of us are used to walking through public places such as parks, villages, towns etc and seeing flower beds and borders that the local authorities have put in place to improve the appearance of the area. These usually consist of either shrubs, shrubs combined with flowers or just annual flowering bedding plants. Every year the annual flowers are replaced with new ones to create another colourful display. Of course the effect is very nice, and few if any would complain at seeing such a bright and cheerful ‘public garden’, but what if there was an even better idea……… what if you were to replace a large amount of those flowers with vegetables and then encourage the local residents to simply help themselves to any they needed whenever they wanted to?

This might sound at first like a strange idea, but it has already been done in the English village of Huddersfield, who themselves were inspired by a similar project in another English village called Todmorden (which was featured on the Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall television series River Cottage). Hugh met the women in Todmorden who were reclaiming wasteland in a bid to make their town self sufficient, Pam Warhurst and Mary Clear’s mission was to make their West Yorkshire town, Todmorden, self-sufficient in staple foods. Within 10 years they aimed to have their community producing and buying their own fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products,” quoting Misty Horizon 2003.

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