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In the wake of the recent snow/ice storm, The Olympian is bringing the issue of preparedness to the forefront with yesterday’s story titled:
“Prepare now for next disaster”
Quoting the story:
“A second shelter was opened at the Moose Lodge in Yelm. This shelter was helpful for Yelm-area residents. However, major gaps remained in the emergency shelter network all through the storm.

‘With this incident, weve learned a lot about what the gaps are,’ Kathy Estes, emergency manager for Thurston County, observed. ‘We actually need a stronger plan to identify larger facilities that we can set up.'”

“Lets not be caught off guard again.”
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Today, The Olympian’s story on preparedness is titled:
“Volunteer locally to bring your knowledge to next disaster”

The best place to start emergency preparedness is at home. Knowing that your loved ones are safe and that you are prepared at home is the first step to helping others. Now is a good time to review or establish a personal and family preparedness plan. For more information on disaster preparedness for your home, check out the emergency resource guide from the Department of Health at www.doh.wa.gov/phepr/handbook.htm or the local American Red Cross at www.redcross.org.”
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