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Yelm Timberland Regional Library

The Yelm City Council had an agenda item last night to approve an Operations & Maintenance agreement from the Timberland Regional Library (TRL) where TRL will pay $37,000 per year for the 20 years of the bond to purchase the building, except in 2012, paying only for 10 months.

Previously, TRL Director Michael Crose told the Yelm Community Blog last August:
“TRL will not write a $37,000 check to the city annually for 20 years, rather pay the annual aforementioned services up to $37,000. If only $15,000 a year, that is what TRL will pay, for example”, and that agreement with the City of Yelm for services would be finalized by the end of September, 2011.

This past week, I asked Director Crose about the delay of an agreement and the changes.
He said, “defining every potential service and imposing all imaginable restrictions made the maintenance agreement we had envisioned too cumbersome to manage. Also, an evaluation of the current costs of the services that [TRL] would provide indicated that we already would be close to the agreed upon maximum annual expenditure of $37,000. Finally, we recognized a potential for having to split invoices for services if the dollar maximum was exceeded. We felt that this had the potential of opening up the issue of library building maintenance every budget cycle many times.”

Crose went on to say the $37,000 annual agreement was a simple solution to one that interfered with the Timberland Yelm relationship for almost 6 years. The time from the anticipated contract completion date last September to now was required to complete the minutia of details to make this simple.

Crose added this bottom line:
“We just want to get back to keeping our focus on our patrons and providing quality library services at the Yelm Timberland Library.”

Now, with the TRL agreement signed, finalizing the library purchase is totally in the hands of the City of Yelm, from whom the public has heard nothing about their costs of the bond.

[This post was written by Steve Klein. Klein is a former Mayor appointee to the Yelm Library Citizens Advisory Board and subsequently that Board’s chosen Chair.]

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