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“Can I have it back please?”

Yelm is in the news spotlight AGAIN for burglary and an unusual theft!

From Natasha Ryan at KING 5 News in Seattle:
“It’s a cold hearted theft that robbed a man of a possession he relies on.”

“In a small community, Jen says they never lock their doors. The thieves took the family’s computer, a gun, a camera and something even more valuable, Zac’s prosthetic running foot.

‘I don’t care about all the electronics things, they’re easy to replace but that is fairly expensive to replace,’ said Zac”.

“The foot is custom made for him and isn’t worth much to anyone else.

‘Can I have it back please?’ said Zac.”

Editor’s Note:
Mayor Harding was quoted in the Nisqually Valley News Feb. 24th:
“Any jurisdiction’s job is to improve the quality of life for its residents.”

However, the grow, grow, grow policies of this mayor bring all of the big city issues with it, as Yelm has witnessed a continued escalation in crime.

Now this has propelled Yelm onto the national news scene today.
Read more on MSNBC.

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