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Yelm’s Cochrane Park, outflow of the reclaimed water system

Megan Hansen reported in the March 16th edition of the Nisqually Valley News (NVN):
City aims to reclaim Class A water production,
raising several questions.

Hansen reports,
“City of Yelm is hiring a consultant to help provide an hands-on approach to solving the city’s reclaimed water issues.”

Hansen went on to say the city has had “issues balancing its reclaimed water” for e few years, resulting in Yelm closing their free RV dump site, thinking that may be a contributing factor. The situation did not get resolved and Yelm is still not providing Class A reclaimed water.

Hansen reports if Yelm does not get this fixed, there may be no water for summer irrigation, so a June 30 deadline has been set for repair.

Editor’s Note
The Yelm reclamation facility was heralded then for the 1994 state-of-the-art treatment plant, which now has a “black-eye”.
1. Yelm has applied to Ecology to double their water rights, which is currently on appeal by the public.
If Yelm can’t fix this reclaimed water issue, what makes anyone think they can handle the increased growth-caused water demands on their entire water system?

2. Yelm recently lost a Supreme Court case brought by JZ Knight about the city’s interpretation of when water availability must be proved in plat development. The city spent over $300,000 in staff time and legal fees to defend city officials’ stance and allow continued development, whose impact challenges natural resources, the aquifer and this town’s ability to cope with such fast growth.
How much money will this city continue to spend on water issues, including a fix on reclaimed water – at the expense of their own constituents?

3. The City of Yelm imposed on their residents 8+% annual water rate increases over a 6 year period PLUS a sewer rate increase. They imposed mandatory 50% water irrigation cutbacks on businesses in the summers of 2010 & 2010 and now may not allow any irrigation this summer.
How much more expense from the city’s growth goals will Yelm citizens carry on their backs before we have an Occupy Yelm movement here?
When will citizens speak up?

– Does the City of Yelm have the ability to serve all of the demand on their water system, with more growth coming as they continue to approve more building permits and hook-ups to the city’s water system?

Yelm Community Blogger Klein is employed as the Event Services Manager for JZ Knight at Ramthas School of Enlightenment.

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