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YELM: Wonder why I am a City Hall frequent critic?

The Yelm Community Blog has been frequently critical of the city and mayor for their lack of public disclosure and protecting the public’s interests, with 6 years of archives accompanied by supporting public documents. Yelm city officials’ lack of care for their constituents was demonstrated in last week’s story on the library purchase delay by Megan Hansen in the Nisqually Valley News (NVN).

To quote:
“Mayor Harding told the NVN this week the reason for the Library purchase delay “was in finalizing a survey that needed to be completed.

The agreement was initially scheduled for approval in March. However, the matter was delayed for what was expected to be a couple of weeks.
At that time, Harding said the problem was in the “wording” of the contract.”

Editor’s Note:
Harding’s changing reasons for the library purchase delay rests on shifting sands.
Yes, I am a critic of the city for this very reason, lack of candor. Elected city officials take an oath to uphold the public’s interests and the Yelm City Council continues to act in deference to their oath.
Why a new story at every turn on the library?

We can start to tally the city council’s actions against the public:

– seizing a citizen’s water rights
– not allowing a military family to move into their home because they did not have adequate fire hydrant coverage according to the city, yet the Fire Chief approved of the move-in. The home sits empty.
– not being a lien holder for way over $100,000 in taxes/fess owed the city from the Thurston Highlands default.
– Yelm City Council tacking on $1 million extra to the library purchase bond for a community center, without public disclosure, public input or public discourse.
_ Moratorium on mentioning the word “big box stores or Wal-mart” in council sessions.
– etc., etc. etc.

And the local newspaper seems complicit in this. They have been highly critical in Op-Eds and headline stories of Rainier & Roy’s governmental; actions, yet seem to give Yelm a “bye” at every turn.

There was one ray of hope at last week’s City Council session.
In a first that I have witnessed in 12 years of following the Yelm City Council, Council member Mike McGowan said he had to vote “no” on an “Action item” regarding a litigation issue. He said the public had not had an opportunity to see the proposal for the city to pay $151,000 for the golf course’s litigated water rights.

I hope this is the first of many votes where he (and maybe others) side for their constituents!

The oath of elected officials:
– Protect the public’s interests
– Uphold being trustworthy
– Do no harm

Blogger Klein was a 2004 mayor appointee to the Yelm Library Citizens Advisory Board and selected that Board’s Chair in 2007, serving in that capacity to 2008.

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  1. Why are you critical of City Hall?

    Because you certainly care by demonstrated action and accountability.

    Bless you, and thank you!

    Comment by YCT on May 18, 2012 at 10:25 am

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