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Yelm’s Cochrane Park, outflow of the reclaimed water system

Megan Hansen reported in the March 16th edition of the Nisqually Valley News (NVN):

City aims to reclaim Class A water production, raising several questions.

Hansen said in her title,
“City of Yelm is hiring a consultant to help provide an hands-on approach to solving the city’s reclaimed water issues.”

She wrote that the city has had “issues balancing its reclaimed water” for a few years, resulting in Yelm closing their free RV dump site, thinking that may be a contributing factor. The situation did not get resolved and Yelm is still not providing Class A reclaimed water.

The story was updated in the newspaper’s May 25th edition, where Hansen said:

“City of Yelm is back to producing Class A water, but is still working out some kinks.”
Hanson reported the RV dump will remain closed while the contamination source is still undetermined.
The city authorized $60,000 to get engineering to help get the system back up to standards.

Harding was quoted, “We need to control our environment while we get it under control.”

Editor’s Note:
Since when has Harding ever demonstrated ANY interest in the environment around here, unless to cover the city’s backside, as in this case?
For example:
– more traffic from doubling the city’s growth in ten years and wanting even more expansion?
– ground water run-off pollution from more paved parking lots?
– requesting of DOE to draw double the amount of water from the aquifer than at present, to again double the size of the city?

1. While the city is now producing Class A water, production has been inconsistent. “The city does not know the source of the previous year’s contaminants.”
Hansen said, “All unused reclaimed water that does not meet standards is discharged to (sic) Centralia Power Canal.”
That means then to the Nisqually River & Puget Sound.
How does Mayor Harding feel about unused reclaimed water that does not meet standards being discharged into local canals, rivers & Puget Sound?

2. The Yelm reclamation facility was heralded then for the 1994 state-of-the-art treatment plant, which now has a “black-eye”.
Yelm has applied to Ecology to double their water rights, which is currently on appeal by the public.
If Yelm can’t locate the source of contamination to their reclaimed water system, what makes anyone think they can handle the increased growth-caused water demands on their entire water system?

2. The City of Yelm imposed on their residents 8+% annual water rate increases over a 6 year period PLUS a sewer rate increase. They imposed mandatory 50% water irrigation cutbacks on businesses in the summers of 2010 & 2011 and now this summer, too.

How much more expense from the city’s growth goals will Yelm citizens carry on their backs?

If the City of Yelm can not currently handle their reclaimed water issues and have not done so for over a year, what makes them think that they can handle this after doubling their water allocation and growth here?

Klein and his wife own property within the Yelm city limits for which they pay taxes, sewer & water fees.

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