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Yelm, WA in national news:
Ramtha’s School students make headlines

From the PR Newswire Press Release of May 10th:

At a remote-viewing exercise for advanced students earlier this year, students from Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment were asked to record their impressions while looking at the backs of nine large manila envelopes. Images of the Big Ben monument in London, the Statue of Liberty with a plane overhead, a cross near Egypt symbolizing the Coptic Pope, tornadoes, flooding, and coronal mass ejections (CME) were just a few of the dozens of drawings that foreshadowed upcoming news events.

“Every person has some sort of psychic ability, and this exercise develops each person’s skills,” said JZ Knight, President of RSE and channel for Ramtha the Enlightened One. “The school curriculum involves training people to use the latent abilities in their own brain as a daily exercise and integrate that into their lives. Accurate results in March and April from the February retreat confirm the power of remote-viewing.”

Remote-viewing is simply described by researcher Stephan Schwarz as “a mysterious human ability to know things in spite of being shielded from that knowledge by time or space, or both.” In addition to laboratory study on the topic, Schwarz and his team have successfully used remote-viewing for archeological discoveries.

This Press Release has been carried by several prominent national media, including The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch and McClatchy newspapers.

McClatchy Newspapers owns The Sacramento Bee, which picked-up the story. McClatchy also owns The Olympian and Tacoma News Tribune, The Bellingham Herald and is a partial owner of The Seattle Times.
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The Wall St. Journal’s MarketWatch carried the Press Release
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Klein has been a student of Ramtha for 27 years and employed by JZ Knight as the Event Services Manager at Ramthas School of Enlightenment for 7 years.

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