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Yelm City Council leaves Y-5A intact, for development-
Surprise, surprise, surprise!

After so much public comment to remove this project, the Yelm City Council unanimously decided to leave the realignment of 93rd & Burnett at Yelm Ave (Y-5A) intact on the 6-year Transportation Plan.
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Editor’s Note:
Clearly, as the Council discussed with Yelm Community Development Director Grant Beck, the Y-5A is all about allowance for development.

The Staff Report even warned if the Y-5A is removed, development on the west side of town could be curtailed:
“it is possible that commercial developments within the western commercial core may be delayed or denied due to level of service failures along Yelm Avenue. An enhanced traffic study was completed when the Medical Center was permitted that examined build out of the western commercial core. This study indicated that at some point before full build out, the level of service along Yelm Avenue would drop to unacceptable levels without the Y5A improvement being in place. If Y5A is removed from the STIP, the City loses the ability to collect impact fees towards the improvement and could be in the position of denying development permits for new commercial developments.”

Interesting that the City of Yelm did not widen Yelm Ave. West to 5 lanes to handle traffic when they could several years ago, as recommended on this Blog then, to bring up “level of service” from the bottom level F at some intersections (i.e. Edwards, in front of the Middle School). Yet city staff are are concerned about “unacceptable levels without the Y5A improvement being in place” on the far western edge of city limits and to connect a residential county road (93rd)?

Come on guys – REALLY?
That’s the best you can do in the public interest?

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