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Mayor Harding’s Prop 1 views not in public’s interests –
his lack of understanding VERY evident

Mayor Harding’s comments in the Nisqually Valley News [NVN] this week as to why he won’t support Proposition 1 demonstrates his complete and utter lack of knowledge about the ballot initiative. The newspaper says,
“He (Harding) said he believes if the proposition passes, customers could be paying as much as triple their current power bills.”

Ed: Note:
This is absolutely FALSE!
Proposition 1 is NOT about rates, cost estimates, or the like!
Voters passing Prop 1 ONLY authorize elected officials to consider a PUD as one option to supply electrical power, following presentation of a complete a feasibility study.

– Upon approval by the voters on November 6, Thurston County Proposition 1 simply authorizes the Public Utility District (PUD) to provide electric service to Thurston County, yet does not obligate them to a PUD.
The approval ONLY authorizes elected officials to consider a PUD as one option to supply electrical power.

-The PUD will then:
1. Research and complete a feasibility study to determine where and if public power will be of benefit to the people of the Thurston County (i.e. Yelm City Council to decide for Yelm).

2. Based on being provided information from the studies, local government representatives (City Councils, County Commissioners) will then choose the option best suited to serve their constituents and negotiate with the chosen provider and reach an agreement on a franchise (permission and rights) to provide electricity.

While one PUD analysis was presented to the Yelm City Council, ONLY voters approval Nov. 6 will initiate a complete feasibility study to present to elected officials providing them the full scope to determine where and if public power will be of benefit to their respective constituents.

Mayor Harding’s remarks do NOT serve the public’s interests!

John D. Pearce, Chair of the Thurston Public Power Initiative (Proposition 1) told the Yelm Community Blog:
“Voting Yes on Thurston County Proposition 1 is the only way you will ever have a choice of who supplies your electricity. It starts the process of self-determination and gives us the option to get out from under PSEs monopoly.
Isnt it better to have a choice?

Interesting that Harding told the NVN:
‘I’m really concerned that enough factual information is getting out to the public'” he said Monday [Oct. 9].”

“He spoke out against the proposition Monday [Oct. 9],” quoting Megan Hansen in the NVN.

Ed. Note:
I am really concerned that Mayor Harding is such a “low-information” elected official on Prop 1 that he would speak out against the ballot initiative the same day Gov. Gregoire did, as well.
Following the hype from the multi-national corporate owner of PSE [PSE has been the monopoly power supplier around here for over 100 years], Mayor Harding allowed a Prop. 1 Public Hearing in his Council’s Chambers Sept. 25 to denigrate to the point of even being told by the PSE Rep that there is “no more mercury in a CFL light bulb than in a can of tuna”, when asked about about PSE’s Yelm CFL bulb give-away (Then why is a CFL bulb labelled “hazardous waste“, a question the council never asked).

Click here for Mr. Pearce’s response to Gov. Gregoire speaking out against Prop 1 – from his Oct. 9th Press Release: Gregoire should reconsider.

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