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OP-ED: Pastor Jeff Adams’ diatribe was out-of-line

Pastor Jeff Adams, Paramount Christian Church
File Photo from Lacey’s College St. Christian Church website,
now Paramount Christian Church


Several people have contacted me to say how taken aback they were that a Christian Pastor, Jeff Adams, should have written the intemperate remarks he published recently in his Nisqually Valley News column, which professed his love of Yelm while disparaging a local group. He said, I know there are those who make fun of Yelm and its residents. I’m . aware of Yelm’s reputation for hosting people who are so gullible they follow weird New Age stuff (I don’t see them as gullible, rather misled, unfortunate souls).

This writer asked for a response from Dr. Miceal Ledwith L.Ph., L.D., D.D., LL.D (h.c), who served as a Catholic priest, Professor of Theology and College President for over 25 years in Ireland and was an adviser to The Holy See, Pope John Paul II on theological matters:

“Despite the hand of friendship having been extended to him several times, apparently Pastor Adams never felt it worth his while to visit his neighbors in the Ramtha School of Enlightenment. Nor did he ever even agree to meet informally with members of the School to clarify the serious misconceptions he has obviously held about the School’s members for several years.

If someone insists on living inside a box, of course we should not be surprised that he considers all those who do not live in that same box to be weird, gullible and misled. But this goes even further, for if there is anything more dangerous than ignorance, ignorance deliberately sustained against the facts is even more misguided. This is not acceptable in a person who holds a senior position of public responsibility in our local community. Indeed the only ones who could correctly be described as gullible and misled would be those who swallowed his misguided utterances.

The great being who is revered by the majority of the worlds population today had a lot to say about the mindset towards his neighbors so clearly displayed in the pastors letter.
Among them was:
– Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. (John: 8:7)
– Judge not and you will not be judged, (Mt. 7:1 and Luke 6: 37)
– Do not judge according to appearances, (John 7:24)
– Love your neighbor as yourself stated multiple times throughout both the Old and New Testaments.

Should there be anything absolutely guaranteed to cause people to make fun of Yelm, most assuredly a Christian Pastor who apparently doesnt bother to pay even lip service to the foundational teachings of Jesus Christ would be at the top of the list.”

Bottom Line:
Senior Minister Adams says on his church’s web site:
“Paramount Christian Church is very focused on pleasing God in every way possible.”
How is turning a blind eye & penning ridicule of a faction of neighbors, while writing a column about loving Yelm, “pleasing God in every way possible?”

And last, this quote is very pertinent:

“Oh, I dont reject Christ. I love Christ.
Its just that so many of you Christians are so unlike Christ.”

– Mahatma Gandhi
Stanley Jones, a missionary who met with Gandhi

Blog writer Klein has been Ramtha’s student for 27 years and employed by JZ Knight for 9 years.

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