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Media-hyped video put in perspective –
by brother of video’s source & a former GOP candidate

The WA Republican Party’s call for area Democratic candidates to return donations from JZ Knight because of a poorly spliced video created by a disgruntled former Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE) student earlier this week only presented a wholly unbalanced view. Television media ran the video as a “one-source story,” something viewers rarely see because of the lack of a fair and balanced report.

“The heavily edited video was produced by a former student of JZ Knight and released by the Washington State Republican Party. Now the brother of that former student is coming to the defense of Knight,” quoting Austin Jenkins on Northwest Public Radio (NPR), by far the most balanced media coverage to-date:
Click here for the written report.
Click here for the audio report.

Dave Champagne, in a unique position as the brother of that former student and as a former RSE student himself, issued a statement to the media with the back-story of the video’s source.
Read Mr. Champagne’s letter in his own words

This is an interesting story from a Republican:

“Republican U.S. Senate candidate Richard Mourdock’s [Indiana] controversial comment calling pregnancy from rape “something God intended to happen.”
Read more from Reuters.

Jim Vaughn, Former GOP Candidate for WA State Senate 2LD, US Army Retired put the attacks on LD 2 candidate Bruce Lachney in perspective because of JZ Knight’s donations, writing in The Olympian on October 25:

“I am not a fan of JZ Knight and understand your position. However, the fact that Bruce gave a speech to a group of JZ Knight Followers should be commended.
What that in mind, I did not hear any complaints or see Bruce Lachney attack Randi Becker for speaking to The League of Women Voters that tends to be extremely liberal. Bottom line is that elected officials represent everyone.

I object to the false presentation that superimposed more than one video to create a distorted and disgusting attack on Bruce Lachney.
I am even more distressed that the Republican Party Paid for and Authorized this attack.
As a Republican, I am embarrassed and offended by this attack. Personally, I am fed up with both parties.
I vote for the person not the party.

Bruce spent 6 years defending our country and has led an exemplary life.
He does not deserve this attack. In my 58 years, I have never seen a more disgusting act of dirty politics.
We have real and serious problems and I want the most qualified person to represent me.
Randi Beckers term as Senator was a disaster.
With a budget deficit, problems with healthcare, education and so on, her only claim to fame in four years was to get a bill passed so all the yellow traffic lights would go on and off at the same rate of speed.
After getting $2400 in campaign contributions from Premera Blue Cross she tried to submit an amendment that would deny citizens access to information on increases in their health insurance.

Randi Becker also tried to get a bill passed that would force nursing homes to use recycled medicine.
After, Federal investigators have raided pharmacies in Seattle and Bellingham looking for evidence that potentially dangerous returned drugs were being resold to elderly and disabled patients without their knowledge Becker retracted Senate Bill 6048.

The fact that someone objects to a candidate willing to represent everyone in opposition to Randi Becker that is a puppet for the special interest groups, willing to screw the citizens of our state amazes me. I vote for the person, not the party.
The fact that we paid her salary for four years in which she accomplished zilch is a waste of taxpayer dollars. Bruce Lachney has my vote.”

Jim Vaughn
Former GOP Candidate for WA State Senate 2LD
US Army Retired

RSE’s Public Relations Representative Rob Wynne of Wynne Communications issued this statement to the media-

(Regarding the video)
“The quotes were taken out of context and not meant to disparage Catholics. The comments were meant to draw attention to the abuses and subsequent cover-ups of the Catholic Church and not intended to criticize any individuals of any persuasion. JZ Knight has always supported the rights of the LGBT community including marriage equality and legal benefits.”

(on campaign contributions)
“JZ Knight is a private citizen and like, all Americans, has the right to support the candidates of her choice. JZ Knight is very concerned about the choices in this election, nationally, statewide and locally. She supports the rights of women, the poor, the elderly, the middle class and the environment. JZ has publicly urged hundreds of thousands of people on the importance of voting this year and she supports an honest and open election where all citizens have the right to vote.”

Blog writer Klein has been a student of Ramtha’s for 27 years and employed by JZ Knight for 9 years.

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