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Yelm’s Draft Sewer Plan now available

From the City of Yelm web site:
Draft General Sewer Plan
The Draft 2012 General Sewer Plan is available for public review and comment.
(posted: 9/27/2012)

Bottom line:
City of Yelm residents are going to get more sewer rate increases:
2013 = 5.4% increase
2014 – 2016 = 4 % increase annually
2017 – 2020 = 3% annually.

Also, the bankrupt Thurston Highlands development is included in the plan.

Click here for the Draft Report’s Executive Summary which includes escalating expenses for the STEP Tank Pump Repair and Replacement:

Repair/replace as needed based upon scheduled inspections as described in BCE.
Section 3.6.2
2013 = $1,500
2014 = $4,500
2015 = $7,500
2016 = $15,000
2017 = $30,000
2018 = $120,000
2019 =$120,000
2020 = $120,000
2021 = $45,000
2022 = $30,000

Editor’s Note:
City of Yelm officials will be pleased to know that I am not getting involved on this project. I will not review, analyze or present comments to the city council. If the public of Yelm is not interested in what will be major expenses foisted on their backs, why should I expend any more energy either?

These projects always mean more expenses on the backs of property owners, as we have seen with annual water rate increases.

All of these projects have one thing in common:

funding a large amount of dollars in providing service to the bankrupt Thurston Highlands master planned community, which is also in this Draft Sewer Report.

Will the public raise any questions about this?
Probably not.
And even if they do, the city council will have their Community Development Director respond mumbling some official-sounding jargon no one will question or dispute.
This is the “SCRIPT” here.

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