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“Judge bars ex-student from releasing more Ramtha materials”

JZ Knight addresses a crowd in April 2005 at the Ramtha School of Enlightenment. (TONI L. BAILEY/File photo), Tacoma News Tribune

A judge has barred a former student at Ramthas School of Enlightenment from releasing more materials belonging to the school.

By Jeremy Pawloski in The Olympian:
“The ex-student posted videos showing Ramtha leader JZ Knight making derogatory comments about Mexicans, Catholics and others this year, igniting a political firestorm before the Nov. 6 election. The reposting of the videos by a local conservative think tank, the Freedom Foundation, prompted Republicans to call for Democratic candidates to give back campaign contributions they had received from Knight.”

“During a court hearing Wednesday, Thurston County Superior Court Judge James Dixon ruled that the preliminary injunction will remain in effect until a breach-of-contract lawsuit filed by the schools attorneys is settled. He emphasized that the injunction merely preserves the status quo and does not allow the school to be further damaged if its lawsuit succeeds.

The lawsuit alleges that Virginia Coverdale breached a contract she signed upon enrolling when she posted videos of Knight channeling Ramtha in 2012.”

“Dixon also ordered that Coverdale must ask her Internet service provider remove any videos belonging to Ramthas School of Enlightenment that she already has posted, in violation of a contract.”

School attorney Jeffrey Grant said Wednesday that Coverdale has 25 to 30 hours of additional materials that were in danger of being posted if the injunction was not granted.

Coverdales attorney, Shawn Newman, has argued that the suit is designed to stifle Coverdales free speech and intimidate her into not criticizing the school.

Grant argued that Coverdale can say whatever she wants about Ramtha or Knight, as long as she does not use Ramthas proprietary materials.”
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Blog writer Klein has been Ramtha’s student for 27 years and employed by JZ Knight for 9 years.

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