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Fears of a coal train running through Rainier

Photo: Photographers for Social Change / Flickr

– “Fight the largest coal export terminal in the country”
“If approved, the Gateway Pacific Terminal near Bellingham will be the largest coal export terminal in the United States. Right now, the Army Corps of Engineers is trying to decide which environmental impacts to take into account as it considers the permit proposal.

This decision could be a major turning point in the fight against coal exports. If the full range of potential impacts is considered — from supercharged climate change to toxic coal dust pollution and carcinogenic diesel fumes — it will be undeniable that the Gateway Pacific Terminal is a bad deal for Washington.

The Army Corps of Engineers is accepting public comments right now on the scope of its review. Since it is considering a project that has the potential to do so much damage, Washingtonians deserve a review that fully considers all of the disastrous impacts before it is too late,” quoting CREDO Action.
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– ” The US Coal Industry Wants to Boost Exports to Asia – Native American Tribes Stand in the Way”
“So its not surprising that environmentalists and residents along the proposed coal routes are fighting the planned export terminals.

Julie Trimingham, a Bellingham filmmaker, founded the website Coal Train Facts because she wants her three-year-old son to grow up in a clean and safe climate, and she wants the same opportunity for the kids of my doppelganger in China. Don McDermott, a retired railroad fraud prevention executive and owner of a Columbia River Gorge vineyard, fears coal dust coating his grapes. In the small town of Rainier, WA, where rail tracks run right down the middle of Main Street, industrial designer Duncan MacKenzie fears if a coal train passes through every hour, Rainier will not be the kind of place future generations will want to call home. We know about the trains and we live with it, but thats once or twice a day, not every time you turn around, he says,” quoting Kari Lydersen, Earth Island Journal in Truthout.
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– “Stop Coal Exports through Washington”
“Coal export threatens the health, public safety and economic vitality of our communities.”
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Editor’s Note:
So, reason this with me:
– we ravage our land to dig the coal
– then despoil our neighborhoods & rural/urban towns with major train traffic bringing noise & diesel pollution transporting the coal to Pacific NW ports
– ship the coal to China to power an industrial expansion where there are no environmental controls
– and their air pollution particulate matter blows back over the west coast, bringing clouds of pollution raining down.

Where is the logic in that?

“China’s air pollution disaster is coming to America. The pollution comes from unprecedented levels of coal burning that has turned Beijing into a crisis zone. The news stories have focused on China with little attention to other areas, especially California. Particulate matter can arrive within days because the western U.S.is downwind of China. According to a Jan. 17 China Dialogue article, researchers now realize that more than a few air pollution violations in U.S. cities actually originated in Asia,” quoting Examiner.com. Read more

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