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Yelm Animal Alliance saved 27 dogs in 2012

Steven Wyble of the Nisqually Valley News reported January 25, 2013:
“Yelm City Council voted Tuesday [January 22] to renew its service provider contract with Yelm Animal Alliance.

The city first entered into an agreement with Yelm Animal Alliance in 2010 to foster and adopt unclaimed dogs from Yelm animal shelter.

The arrangement was formalized in a service provider contract in February 2012.

That contract expired Dec. 31, 2012.

In 2012, Yelm Animal Alliance provided fostering and adoption of 27 unclaimed dogs from the citys animal shelter.

‘Thats 27 dogs that would have gone to Thurston County for euthanasia,’ said City Administrator Shelley Badger. ‘So its a very valuable service that we get for a very, very reasonable amount.'”
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Editor’s note:
While City Administrator Badger and Mayor Harding are jumping all over themselves in this story with “high-fives”, Wyble omitted that kudos really go to the Yelm Animal Alliance and their volunteers who dedicated countless hours and effort educating the City of Yelm to take the issue of an Animal Shelter seriously, all while finding homes for dogs all those years. The Yelm City Council’s embarrassing lack of knowledge on this issue was discussed here beginning in May 2008 [click here and start at bottom].

While the Yelm City Council was not very supportive and sidestepped the issue by focusing on spay/neuter questions, a conversation was begun as stated here December 2, 2008.

Back then, the City of Yelm’s animal control was only housing stray animals that were picked up, taken to the less-than-adequate Public Works facilities on Rhoton Road, from where the city would hold animals for owners to reunite with their pets for 10 business days and if not claimed, then turn them over to be euthanized. I know as I visited when they had animals there.

Blessings to YAA President Elizabeth Felix and YAA volunteers for finally getting the city to recognize the value of a pet fostering program that was signed in February, 2012.

Our patting-themselves-on-the-backs city leaders also deserve acknowledgment for the small role they played in saving 27 unclaimed dogs in 2012.
Read more and contribute to the YAA.

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