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Harding withdraws from Auditor consideration –
cites doing the right thing for Yelm residents –
now accepts Deputy Auditor job & remains mayor –
“Where did “honor” go?”

On Friday, February 1, Harding told the NVN:
“‘The City of Yelm has several high impact issues still unresolved,’ Harding wrote to the commissioners. ‘Some of these include our 510 loop project, connected road corridors within the city, finalizing our future water rights, and setting up the distribution system to deliver that water, and of course we are currently in the middle of redesigning a new park master plan with a much needed community center to better serve area residents.’

‘I feel a pressing responsibility to see these issues to completion.’

‘The commissioners and I have enough history that each of you knows my passion for doing the right thing for our residents,’ he said.

‘I feel that even though becoming the next auditor would be a great honor, leaving my responsibilities as mayor at such a critical time would not be honorable.’

‘I want only the best for Thurston County residents because our residents deserve the best.'”


These commenters to The Olympian story said it best”
“Sounds like double talk coming out of Mayor Harding’s mouth. First he says Yelm deserves a full time Mayor, which sounded to me like trying to save face by backing out when he heard he would not be selected. Now all of a sudden he has time to do both jobs? The city of Yelm deserves better and Harding does not seem sincere about needing to see Yelm through supposed big projects. Sounds now like he wants a big county salary and run Yelm in his spare time.

– gloopy
“Mr. Harding recently withdrew his candidacy to become Auditor, and in a previous article in The Olympian stated he felt it would be “less than honorable” to compromise his duties as Mayor of Yelm by accepting the Auditor position had he been selected. Then, he turns around a few days later and accepts the position of Deputy Auditor after clearing the way for Alexander’s appointment by withdrawing. Where did that “honor” go?”

“Does he have any experience as an auditor?”
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The answer is he has no auditor experience.
The Olympian article states “Harding [is] pursing [a] bachelors degree in business,” too.

Come-on, Harding is going to have a county salary, run Yelm plus his contracting and floral businesses in his spare time AND pursue a bachelors degree in business?
AND, presumably Mr. Harding will run for re-election as Mayor of Yelm for a third term again this Fall.

Sounds like all of this is “less than honorable” and will compromise his duties as Mayor of Yelm !

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