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Mayor’s 8th ‘State of the City’ address today –
Will this be his last?


The Yelm Area Chamber of Commerce’s February Luncheon Forum for Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at the Nisqually Valley Moose Lodge will host Speaker: Mayor Ron Harding from the City of Yelm for his annual “State of the City Address”

Two weeks ago, Mayor Harding withdrew his name as one of three Republican contenders for County Auditor consideration one day prior to the county commissioners’ decision. Deputy Chief County Auditor & Rep. Gary Alexander was chosen County Auditor, who has chosen Harding to replace him as Chief Deputy County Auditor.

Harding told the Nisqually Valley News on February 1, 2013:
“‘The City of Yelm has several high impact issues still unresolved,’ Harding wrote to the commissioners. ‘Some of these include our 510 loop project, connected road corridors within the city, finalizing our future water rights, and setting up the distribution system to deliver that water, and of course we are currently in the middle of redesigning a new park master plan with a much needed community center to better serve area residents.’

‘I feel a pressing responsibility to see these issues to completion.’

‘The commissioners and I have enough history that each of you knows my passion for doing the right thing for our residents,’ he said.

‘I feel that even though becoming the next auditor would be a great honor, leaving my responsibilities as mayor at such a critical time would not be honorable.’

Therefore, look for Harding to speak of these issues today.

Editor’s Notes:
For his 8th “State of the City Address”, Mayor Harding will again to choose to present his information to a limited group of about 100 people representing local businesses, the Yelm Chamber of Commerce, on whose Board he sits. Rather than give his address in a public forum, Harding has chosen to never once hold a public forum or Town Hall session during his tenure, where eschewing the public [“to abstain or keep away from; shun” quoting Websters] has been his hallmark, even though he campaigned in 2005 on being more accessible to the general public.

The “elephant in the room” today will be Harding newly-hired as Thurston County Chief Deputy Auditor.

1. Will Harding do the “right thing for our residents”, “be honorable” and resign as mayor, due to not an appearance-of-a-conflict-of-interest, rather indeed, a true conflict-of-interest being County Auditor that intertwines with county cities, yet deals with the same things as Mayor of Yelm, i.e. county/city ordinances?

2. If so, this will be his last “State of the City Address”!

3. If not, then he’s headed for a major conflict-of-interest campaign by local, county citizens.
Gosh, Harding has not even informed the public via the newspaper or City Council as of yet!

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