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Questions remain for County’s Deputy Auditor Harding –
Will Yelm citizens want only a part-time mayor?

Thurston County Deputy Auditor, Yelm Mayor,
and Bachelor Business Degree (BBA) candidate Ron Harding

Mayor Ron Harding admittedly has never held a corporate business management position and has no idea the demands required of him in a full-time salary as the newly appointed County Deputy Auditor.
Click here for his new job description.

Ron Harding is going to have his hands filled and be on a steep learning curve in his new position. And, with no business experience outside of Yelm in time-management in a business environment AND in the “real world”, except for his local contracting business and family wholesale flower company, this lack which The Olympian Editorial Board wrote when he first ran for mayor in 2005, he will find little room for anything else, including being mayor.
Harding also will not be able to play his usual Yelm games in the deputy auditor position. County constituents are far more vocal than Yelm’s and already on to his manipulations and not afraid to say so.

So, currently at age 46, Ron Harding is now going to have:
– a full-time Deputy County Auditor day job & salary,
– a part-time job to run the City of Yelm as mayor and serve on the city’s several committees, guiding the City of Yelm Administrator and Community Development Dept., among others,
– part-time jobs dealing with his contracting and family floral businesses,
– pursue a bachelors degree in business, according to The Olympian,
– have a private family life,
– AND, presumably run for re-election as Mayor of Yelm for a third term again this Fall or some other political opportunity?
Come on now! REALLY?

How will Yelm citizens feel with only a part-time mayor?

A letter writer to The Olympian summed-up this whole situation best:

What?! Harding applied for the appointment, took 1 of the 3 nomination spots, and then bowed out to Alexander once Harding had already blocked out other people who were genuinely interested in getting the appointment.

What the heck is going on? This absolutely reeks of a pre-arranged (sic) deal between Harding and Alexander. They rigged the appointment, and these are the 2 guys who are going to oversee elections in Thurston County. You have got to be kidding me.”
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