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Introducing “Sustainable Thurston” –
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Sustainable Thurston Logo

From the Thurston Regional Planning Council (TRPC):.
What is Sustainable Thurston?

Sustainable Thurston is a community conversation that will result in a vision for a vibrant, healthy and resilient future, as well as the actions and responsibilities to achieve it.

To learn more go to SustainableThurston.org

Thurston Regional Planning Council
Meet Us Online – We Need to Hear From You

Please forward this information to as many of your contacts as possible. The goal is to ENGAGE people from throughout the region.

This fun and easy on-line engagement tool is a virtual town hall where residents can answer questions, offer ideas, and comment on others’ ideas.
Read more: EngageSustainableThurston.org

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  1. From my research, using the word “Sustainable” for a local area program has become a red flag. Why? Read the UN Agenda 21 and read it carefully. Where is the grassroots organization that asked for and spear-headed this? Where did this highly-organized and well-funded program come from? I understand that Sustainable Thurston is part of the TRPC (Thurston Regional Planning Council). TRPC reports to Think Tanks in Washington, DC, and does not report to the voters of Washington State.

    I hesitate to make comment at the “Sustainable Thurston” website because of the long history of well-trained “Change Agents” sent into communities to “persuade” local people to agree to what the “globalists” want to execute in their well-planned programs. The long-term planned Outcome, using the real environmental urgency, is to remove National boundaries and governments, to start on the local level to get cooperation, and finally, with everyone’s agreement, to institute the UN Agenda 21 as local Law. There are many sites to search UN Agenda 21 such as this video on sovereign land.

    This is what happened to Public Education in the US. It is well known now that the US public education has been severely dumbed down and is ranked low compared to other developed countries. When I was in school, everyone knew how to read, everyone graduated, it was inexpensive to go to college, and the US was top-rated for education in the world! From the Federal Dept. of Education, “Change Agents” were sent into local communities to attend PTA meetings and convince parents to vote for the “new programs”. Anyone who disagreed was made to look foolish, and a majority voted for a nice-sounding change that was destructive to real learning experiences in favor of testing.

    The globalists have lots of Think-Tanks to figure out how to persuade people against their own interests and manipulate public opinion. Research and be careful. I’d rather friends and folks who live here and work together, create sovereign ways to help each other with healthy gardens and animals, create open markets, and keep our sovereignty intact where we live. We don’t need a Washington, DC Think Tank to figure out what to do. There is extensive knowledge, like Permaculture, of integrated ways to live with Nature and each other for a more prosperous and healthy life.

    Comment by Leilani on March 7, 2013 at 8:57 pm

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