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Pastor Jeff Adams fined $500 from Superior Court
in JZK, Inc. case, while absent on NZ “vacation”

Pastor Jeff Adams on “Sabbath Rest” while Court fines him $500 –
taken in New Zealand with former RSE student David McCarthy
Photo credit: Enlighten Me Free

Steven Wyble filed this report in today’s Nisqually Valley News:

“Thurston County Superior Court Judge Gary Tabor on Friday [March 8] ordered to compel Yelm Pastor Jeff Adams to provide testimony during a deposition scheduled March 20.

Tabor also ordered Adams to pay $500 in attorneys fees.

Adams, who is also a columnist for the Nisqually Valley News, was subpoenaed regarding the case between JZK, Inc. and Virginia Coverdale. Coverdale, a former member of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, posted a video to YouTube showing Yelm channeler JZ Knight making derogatory comments toward gays, Jews and Catholics.”

Mr. Adams refusal to testify is consistent with a pattern in this case of witnesses who refuse to comply with subpoenas, and notify counsel for Plaintiff of their refusal to comply at the 11th hour or not at all,’ the motion states. ‘This behavior has resulted in significant costs and delays to Plaintiff and has necessitated Plaintiffs efforts in bringing motions before this court to compel the attendance of witnesses. In this case, counsel for Plaintiff spent considerable time communicating with Mr. Adams about his impending deposition and preparing for, and traveling to, the deposition.”
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Editor’s Note:

While Pastor Adams was on his vacation and received the $500 from the Court, the fine Pastor shared with the community his newspaper column March 8 titled:
Sabbath Rest calls for a much needed break

Its confession time.

I will be far away from here and relaxing on a short vacation.

Of course I will be doing some ministry for the church while away.

RSE was here long before the fine Pastor took aim at expanding his Lacey church in a faith-based community in the now-bankrupt Thurston Highlands development and made RSE his number one crusade.
I now realize Adams’ motivations were, as he pronounces, in “the Christian spirit” for his personal vendetta against RSE, and the connection with Mr. McCarthy in NZ for the JZK, Inc. vs. Coverdale case involved Pastor Adams “doing some ministry for the church.” Was his holiday tax-deductible on taxpayers backs?

Blog writer Klein is in his 28th year as a student of Ramtha’s and in 10th year employed by JZ Knight at RSE.

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