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Filing Week for Yelm pubic offices begins May 13

From the Thurston County Auditor

The Thurston County Auditor has announced that the 2013 Candidate Filing Week for the August 6 Primary Ballot begins today:
May 13 17, 2013.

Positions open in Yelm include:
– Mayor

Ed. Note:
Two-term Mayor Ron Harding will be filing for a 3rd term as mayor, a $30,000 a year part-time position to add to his current full-time Thurston County Deputy Auditor day job, a $70.000 a year position plus benefits. With a combined salary and benefits package, Harding’s annual take at the public trough is valued at approx. $125,000+.

Yelm Mayor & Deputy County Auditor Ron Harding:
two-timer at the public trough for $125+ K

– 4 City Council seats

Pos. 3 – Robert W. (Bob) Isom, current Mayor Pro-tem
Pos. 4 – Mike McGowan
Pos. 5 – Tracey T. Wood
Pos. 7 – Russ Hendrickson
Besides Mr. Wood who is completing his first term, all other Council members previously ran unopposed in 2009.

Ed. Note:
The key question IS, “Will anyone challenge Yelm’s Mayor and 4 City Council members to provide Yelm voters a choice, instead of the same status quo?”
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Other area Thurston County positions:

Thurston County Auditor – Gary Alexander

Mayor – Randy Schleis
3 City Council seats
Pos. 1 – Kristin Guizzetti
Pos. 3 – Mokihana Presley
Pos. 5 – Christine Winslow

4 City Council seats
Pos. 1 – Bret D. Brodersen
Pos. 2 – David Watterson
Pos. 3 Frank A. Anderson
Pos. 4 – Robert D. Scribner
Click here for the 2013 Thurston County Candidate Guide.

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