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“Against Bush”

C.Jay Engel is one writer who echoes my views exactly.
I, too, left the Republican Party (except for a strong support for Ron Paul):

“Today [April 25], the George W. Bush Presidential Library is opening. Im not amused.

I have no problem with libraries.

And there is nothing wrong per se with a President.
Lew Rockwell was the President of the Mises Institute. I like him.

Its Bush. I have a problem with George W. Bush.

This is because Bush is the opposite of everything American was founded on and everything that I hold dear. Bush is the enemy of capitalism, of freedom, of sound money, of free markets, of honest and humble foreign policy, and of conservative budgets. Bush is the enemy of the Constitution, of the right to privacy, and of the historical (albeit not perfect) arrangement of federalism. Bush is the antithesis of honesty and integrity in office (Is Bush a Christian? Read this). Bush made me realize that to stay in the Republican Party was to ignore the reality of the collectivist and fascist nation that the United States has become,” quoting C.Jay Engel.

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