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“Top Constitutional Experts:
Obama Is Worse than Nixon”

“In the wake of the twin scandals of the IRS targeting conservative groups and the Department of Justice spying on AP reporters, the comparisons between Obama and Nixon are everywhere.

But what do experts say?

Former New York Times general counsel James Goodale who represented the paper during its Pentagon Papers fight with the Nixon administration said in an interview yesterday [May 14] that Obama is worse than Nixon when it comes to press freedoms.

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Editor’s note:
This writer concurs!
This man should be impeached for ordering the killing of Americans without them even being accused of anything in a court of law(via drone strikes in Yemen). He took an oath-of-office to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.
What is that anymore, just a piece of parchment in a museum?

– “The Biggest Obama Scandals Are Proven and Ignored”
“There is clear evidence that he has broken the law on multiple occasions. And not even Republicans seem to care,” quoting Conor Freidersdorf in The Atlantic.
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