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What is Destiny? To a 9 year old – AMAZING!

Photo credit: YouTube

“When he rang the doorbell, Zia hadn’t planned to step inside. He was there to pick up his fiancee who was babysitting, but she couldn’t leave (the parents were running late) so Zia agreed to hang out for a bit. His fiancee said, ‘Let me introduce you to the kids.’ the 2-year-old girl, the 7-year-old boy and, most important, squatting, with no shoes on, surrounded by ants on the back patio, the oldest the 9-year-old the one he would make world-famous on YouTube.

This is the boy he now calls ‘The Philosopher.’

Nine is what fourth-graders are. You don’t expect them to be wise; they’re still boys. When the two started talking, there was no hint of what was about to happen, except for the slightly odd introduction. His girlfriend said he ‘is interested in cosmology.’ ‘Really?’ Zia thought, ‘cosmology?’ So he leaned in and asked just to be a badass “What do you think about dark matter? Any ideas?’

Wait! I Need To Film This

The boy looked up, started to answer, and almost immediately Zia thought, ‘Wait!’ Zia Hassan is a Washington, D.C.-based musician, blogger, teacher-in-training and video cameraman and he’s learned to act on instinct, and his instincts were telling him, ‘I need to film this.’ He said to the boy, ‘Uh, can I film this? Is that all right with you?’

The boy didn’t mind. And here, a million-and-a-half views later, is what the boy told him about the universe,” quoting Robert Krulwich, NPR.
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Click here for the video.

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