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‘Trashing the trash’ – ZeroWaste catches on

“Bea Johnson shows off her tiny refrigerator Sunday April 7, 2013. Bea Johnson, who writes the popular ZeroWaste blog and is the author of ZeroWaste Home manages to generate less than a quart of garbage a year in her Mill Valley, Calif home.”
Photo: Brant Ward, The San Francisco Chronicle

From Appetite for Life:
“Some years ago, San Francisco decided to trash its trash. The city instituted an innovative (and mandatory) recycling and composting ordinance whose ultimate goal, fantastic as it may seem, is to have absolutely nothing going to landfills by the year 2020 not so much as a gum wrapper or banana peel. And it looks as if the city just may reach its goal.

‘We are now diverting 80 percent of our waste from landfill the highest waste diversion rate of any city in North America,’ says Guillermo Rodriguez, director of policy and communications for the San Francisco Department of the Environment, a city and county agency devoted to … well, to saving the world. One big step is the city’s Zero Waste program, which Rodriguez proudly calls “world class.”

Given the success stories coming from Zero Waste’s business recycling and composting program, Rodriguez’s “world class” comment is more than just hyperbole.”
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Editor’s Note:
I can envision Thurston County moving this way before too long, however the City of Yelm will be the follower on this, not the leader, as on the plastic bag issue.

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