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“Spiritual Journey Begins June 26 at RSE” in Yelm

From the Press Release in The Wall Street Journal:
“Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (RSE) will hold a Beginning Event Wednesday, June 26, through Sunday, June 30, to introduce new students to Ramtha’s teachings and disciplines. RSE’s tranquil campus is the ideal environment to experience new potentials, expand your spiritual horizons, and capitalize on the mind’s natural abilities.

The Beginning Event allows students to achieve fundamental shifts in personal reality in a retreat setting away from normal activities and distractions. Participants will be introduced to Ramtha’s philosophy and given opportunities to engage disciplines designed by Ramtha. The disciplines allow one to test the statement that “you create your own reality.” This allows students to experience their own personal truth and their own wisdom rather than rely on belief, faith, or someone else’s word.

According to Ramtha’s model of reality, we have direct control over how our lives play out. Students will be trained in the art of creating personal reality through a deeper understanding of the brain’s mechanics.”
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Blog writer Steve Klein is in his 28th year as a student of Ramtha’s, has been employed by JZ Knight for 10 years having resided in Yelm since 1988.

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