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J T Wilcox’s Cadillac Ranch affiliation called into question

Representative. J.T. Wilcox

J T Wilcox owes his constituents a statement in response to the details of his personal affiliation with Rainier’s Cadillac Ranch, supported by these facts:

1) J T Wilcox is the Republican State Representative for District 2, which includes Yelm, Rainier, Graham and Eatonville.
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2) In February, 2013, J T Wilcox was one of the sponsors of HB 1632 introduced in the WA State Legislature “regulating the use of off-road vehicles in certain areas,” signed into law on July 3, 2013 by Governor Jay Inslee.
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3) J T Wilcox has an immediate family member named Holly Wilcox.
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4) Holly Wilcox is married to Larry Mahan, both of whom are the owners of the Rainier farm operating as “Cadillac Ranch Motorsports, Inc.”
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Read more on this issue the July 28th Yelm Community Blog report.

5) The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 42.52.020 states this about a Conflict of Interest,
Activities incompatible with public duties.
“No state officer or state employee may have an interest, financial or otherwise, direct or indirect, or engage in a business or transaction or professional activity, or incur an obligation of any nature, that is in conflict with the proper discharge of the state officer’s or state employee’s official duties.”
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5a) RCW 42.52.070 on Special privileges:
“Except as required to perform duties within the scope of employment, no state officer or state employee may use his or her position to secure special privileges or exemptions for himself or herself, or his or her spouse, child, parents, or other persons.
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6) J T Wilcox is a member of Washington State Legislative Ethics Board.
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7) If you feel there is a Conflict of Interest or an ethics violation about Rep. J T Wilcox, comments on this issue can be sent to the Washington State Legislative Ethics Board, Attn: Mike O’Connell:
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