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Ron Harding has some explaining to do –
to his voters, and NOW!

Why is Ron Harding’s campaign for Mayor of Yelm address in McKenna
Document courtesy: WA. Secretary of State

This writer has recently observed Yelm Mayor Ron Harding in the McKenna Post Office more than once accessing a P. O. box, as I have had my personal mailbox there since the early 1990s, with my public mailbox in Yelm. I figured Yelm’s Post Office boxes must all be taken, so I asked the Yelm Post Office staff if they had a shortage of mailboxes and was told they have plenty of available to rent in all sizes. Imagine my further surprise to see the Secretary of State listing for ‘Ron Harding for Mayor’ with a Post Office box address in Pierce County, in McKenna!

The Olympian said in an Editorial May 22, 2013:
“Voters deserve to know whether Alexander, who is serving his eighth term in the state House, will either resign or not seek re-election to his legislative seat if he wins the [Thurston County] auditors job. There is no law prohibiting state lawmakers from holding two posts, but Alexander should state his intentions clearly, so voters can make an informed choice.”
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Editor’s Note:
Harding should should state his intentions clearly, as well, since he currently holding positions as Mayor of Yelm and Thurston County Deputy Auditor.

Does Harding have a mailbox in Pierce County for his Campaign as Mayor of Yelm with sights set on taking Rep. Alexander’s seat in the State Legislature if Alexander resigns?

A McKenna Post Office box would seem to indicate Harding is again not revealing his motives to his constituents and looking to have an address to cover the Legislative District and gain Pierce County attention, rather than Yelm and/or Thurston County, in the same way Roy and Pierce County resident Rep. JT Wilcox lists “Yelm” as his home, for him to garner the greater Yelm voting block.

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