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“EIS on Cherry Point coal-exports facility”
raises good points

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The Yelm Community Blog examined the coal-export issue on January 17, 2013 in this entry titled:
“Fears of a coal train running through Rainier”
See below for that story –

– “State EIS on Cherry Point coal-exports facility to consider end use coal burning in China as well as regional rail impacts”
Brad Shannon filed this report in The Olympian:
“An environmental review of a proposed coal-export facility at Cherry Point will take into account pollutants emitted by the facility, rail traffic carrying coal to the facility, and also the impact on greenhouse gases from coal burning in China, India and other export destinations. The scope of environmental review was announced Wednesday by the Department of Ecology, Whatcom County and Army Corps of Engineers, which are co-leading the environmental review.

The broad look at end use impacts of off-shore coal burning is unprecedented for Ecology, which alone is insisting on that review under its administering of the State Environmental Policy Act.”

“Environmentalists critical of the Gateway Pacific Terminals deep-water wharf project say they are not aware of any other such project around the country getting such off-site scrutiny. But they say two coal-export proposals in Washington at Cherry Point and Longview and the extensive rail traffic needed to bring coal from Wyoming for export are deserving of high level reviews.”
Read more

– State reps weigh in on coal, oil, budget”
“Washington State Reps. Paul Harris, R-Vancouver, and J.T. Wilcox, R-Yelm, are living testimonials to the large amount of upward mobility currently available in the states Republican Party. After coming to Olympia as freshmen in 2011, each has managed to put a hand on the legislative tiller Wilcox is the GOPs new House floor leader while Harris serves as the House Republican whip.”

“‘Im for the oil terminal at the Port of Vancouver and for the Millennium coal terminal in Longview, even though not everyone I talk to likes that,’ Harris said. ‘I dont think we can or should attempt to regulate how fuels are used or burned in China. Other parts of the world are not our problem. We have to permit those projects. We need the jobs those terminals will provide in the here and now,’ quoiting the Longview Daily News.
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Editor’s Note:
If Reps. Harris & Wilcox are only looking at jobs without the overall costs to this state and the Pacific Northwest’s environment, they are very short-sighted.

This is from the January 17, 2013 Yelm Community Blog with another view:

Editor’s Note:
So, reason this with me:
– we ravage our land to dig the coal
– then despoil our neighborhoods & rural/urban towns with major train traffic bringing noise & diesel pollution transporting the coal to Pacific NW ports
– ship the coal to China to power an industrial expansion where there are no environmental controls
– and their air pollution particulate matter blows back over the west coast, bringing clouds of pollution raining down.

Where is the logic in that?

“China’s air pollution disaster is coming to America. The pollution comes from unprecedented levels of coal burning that has turned Beijing into a crisis zone. The news stories have focused on China with little attention to other areas, especially California. Particulate matter can arrive within days because the western U.S.is downwind of China. According to a Jan. 17 China Dialogue article, researchers now realize that more than a few air pollution violations in U.S. cities actually originated in Asia,” quoting Examiner.com. Read more

– “Stop Coal Exports through Washington”
“Coal export threatens the health, public safety and economic vitality of our communities.”
Read more from Greenpeace.

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