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Yelm’s Park Levy appears to not pass

Master Plan for Yelm City Park costing $5.7 million

City of Yelm & Chamber of Commerce officials, who highly touted an expensive proposition for a community center as a cornerstone to a Yelm City Park overhaul, appear to be on the losing end of the August 6th Primary proposition.

Thurston County Elections Supervisor Steve Homan said the proposition required 918 votes with 60% of them being yes in order to pass, the 918 figure being the required 40% of the voters who voted in the last general election.

Only 810 votes had been tallied Wednesday night, with 54 percent approving the proposition.
Read more from the office of the Thurston County Auditor & the Deputy Auditor/Yelm Mayor Ron Harding.

Steven Wyble filed this report for the Nisqually Valley News (NVN):
“Steve Klein, event services manager at the Ramtha School of Enlightenment and a local blogger, has been critical of the park bond.

‘The people that voted against it, I would tend to believe, would be the people that see it as a little bit too expensive,’ he said.

Klein said hes heard from many people in the community who support the idea of a park overhaul,
but question the cost in a time when sequestration cuts loom over Joint Base Lewis McChord.
He also said he didnt think there was enough public input into the plans for the revamped park.

‘I support this being on the ballot again, but it really needs an overhaul and if they dont do anything to overhaul this plan, I dont see this plan succeeding in November,’ he said.

‘Its up to the voters of Yelm,’ he added.
‘I support whatever the voters decision is.
Its disappointing that the number of voters that participated on this ballot in the city of Yelm was so low.'”

Yelm’s Mayor Harding (and Deputy elections Auditor) told the NVN:
“I think its good to see the majority of the community is supporting the issue, which kind of validates Councils initiative to move this forward.
Read more

Editor’s Note:
Mr. Mayor, I would not call 442 “yes” votes from a community with a population of 7,000 “the majority of the community…supporting the issue.”

Were I you, I would not get too excited in a Primary with the current 74 vote difference (442 for, 368 against), because this ballot proposition is not only appearing to fail, you could not even muster enough interest from your own voting citizens to get the 918 vote minimum.
THAT also speaks volumes against this Levy.

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