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Rep. Heck & Mary Hall visited Yelm today

The Thurston County Democrats hosted their 1st Annual Yelm/LD 2 Pancake Breakfast this morning at Gordon’s Grange in Yelm. Featured were keynote addresses from Thurston County Auditor candidate Mary Hall and District 10 Congressional Rep. Denny Heck (D-Olympia) delivered to over 30 persons in attendance, open to the public, of which several joined from the local community.

Mary Hall

Mary Hall, Thurston County Auditor candidate

Thurston County Auditor candidate Mary Hall shared her 16 years of experience in conducting over 80 elections and vision for evolving the Auditor’s Office that included:
* Election Day registration,
* Increasing voter participation among youth by pre-registering 16-18 year olds,
* Eliminating any barriers to voting.

Denny Heck

Rep. Denny Heck

Rep. Heck spoke repeatedly of the importance of electing Hall as Thurston County Auditor in 2013 and again in 2014. He said, “We need an Auditor with Mary’s ethics, experience and oversight.”

Heck then shared his views of Congress with these points:
1. “The number one issue on which the 113th Congress should be judged by is in passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” Heck was passionate in his description that this single issue will provide a “steroid shot” to the US economy, saying the first thing most immigrants would do if legally allowed to live here, would be to buy a home.

2. Gave a moving testimony on meeting Olympia soldier Luke Cifka at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center who lost both legs in Afghanistan.

3. Was honored to be only the second Freshman in the minority Party in 20 years to have a Bill signed by the President.

Also addressing the gathering were:
– Thurston County Democrats Chair Roger Erskine, who hosted the event,
– Steve Klein, Yelm Community Blog host, organizer of the working group to bring the Democrats to Yelm,
– Karen Valenzuela, Thurston County Commissioner,
– Robert Satiacum, 2nd LD Democrats Chair.
(Commissioner Sandra Romero had a previous engagement and could not attend, however was acknowledged for her contributions to this meeting’s success.)

Also introduced were:
Jeff Davis, for Port of Olympia Commissioner, District 3,
Bill Hashim, Yelm Community Schools Board candidate, District 1 (non-partisan candidate),
Nicole Hill, Tumwater City Council & Conservation Projects Director with the Nisqually Land Trust
and several other Democrats visiting Yelm.

There was an opportunity to have personal exchanges with each of these individuals.
Everyone was enthusiastic about the Democrats visiting this part of LD 2.

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