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Major issues to consider this Labor day weekend

1. “The Trials of Bradley Manning”
“His conviction on Espionage Act charges poses grave dangers for American journalism.”

“The consequences for American journalism are grave, as the government now has even greater incentive to prosecute as a spy any confidential source who passes classified information to the press, criminalizing what has long been a vital (and tacitly accepted) conduit of essential public information. Such collateral damage to the Fourth Estate will not be mourned by a government that has become aggressively intolerant of leaks, whistleblowers and, it often seems, a well-informed citizenry,” quoting Chase Madar in The Nation.
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2. “Interview with New York Times Bestselling Author John Perkins”
“he magnitude of the global financial crisis that we are beginning to see unfold, and its possible consequences, may be of an unprecedented scale. Yet the reasons and players behind it are quite familiar to someone like John Perkins.

SuperConsciousness recently spoke with John Perkins to get his perspective on the most recent events, not only because he used to be an insider but, most importantly, because ever since he left that job he has been an advocate for change and a source of hope. His message, which can be found in detail in his most recent book Hoodwinked, delivers a clear strategy for change through the empowerment of people, a shift in consciousness and inspiration the upcoming generations,” quoting Jair Robles in SuperConsciousness.
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3. “Ten Ways to Reduce the Threat of Terrorist Attacks on Americans”
“This 10-point plan would significantly reduce terrorist threats, save taxpayers billions of dollars and make Americans more loved and admired in the world. After a decade of wielding the military stick, its time for some carrots,” quoting Medea Benjamin, AlterNet.
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