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Yelm Council Eminent Domain vote against citizen – Tuesday’s Yelm City Council, 6pm

Yelm Public Safety Building & City Council Chambers

The Yelm City Council rescheduled to their September 10th Agenda the approval of a
against property owner Steve Craig for his land in the Mosman Avenue realignment.

Mr. Craig reports to the Yelm Community Blog that the City of Yelm has offered him far below the fair market value of his property, hence his unwillingness to just capitulate to the City of Yelm. He will not cave-in unless he is paid the fair market value for his land and has hired an attorney in what the City of Yelm seems willing to engage, a battle that will begin September 10th, when the Yelm City Council votes to approve eminent domain proceedings against him.

One can only hope that more moderate Council members McGowan, Garmann, Foster & Baker will ask the key question:
– Why are we voting for a legal battle, when the money spent on eminent domain legal bills against a citizen could go to pay him the Fair Market Value of his property anyway?
We know this from our previous experience with the legal costs to seize the McMonigle’s water rights.

From September 10th’s Yelm City Council Agenda, Staff Report:
“The City has considered the current market value of the property and is attempting to negotiate the sale of the property at fair market value. The eminent domain proceedings are necessary to secure the Citys interest in the property and the adoption of the ordinance is one step in the well established process for acquisition of property for public use – – here the Citys transportation system. The adoption of the ordinance and initiation of condemnation proceedings will not foreclose further negotiations toward settlement with the current property owners Mr. Craig and Ms. Hemoine and the City recognizes that just compensation must be paid by the City.”

– UPDATE: September 12, 2013
“Yelm City Council Authorizes Eminent Domain”
“Mosman Avenue Project: Owner Disputes Citys Offer for His Property”
By Steven Wyble in the Nisqualley Valley News.
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