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Yelm High Jr. Class President Shelby Gebb makes appeal

Shelby Gebb

Yelm High School Junior Class President Shelby Gebb takes a public stand:

As last years Sophomore Class President and this year Junior Class President I have the opportunity to know what students at Yelm High are concerned about.

The line of cars waiting to turn into the school every single morning is a hazard to students and Yelm residents.

This year I see that the line of cars has now extended to the light at Yelm High Way and Killion Road.
The unpredictable wait to turn into school every morning causes tardiness.
New drivers are insecure with driving down a turn lane for blocks and what to do when they are in the way of other drivers coming out of Twin Star Bank or Yelm Veterinary Clinic.

There have been many accidents in this area.
Driving the turning lane which we are forced to do is a driving infraction.
Is this how the city is forcing us to drive?
Maybe we should stay in the lane till the proper time to turn blocking other travelers in the morning commute?

I have tried to find out what it would take to get at least a plan for a turn signal into Yelm High School or the possibility of a back entrance into the High School parking lot.

I have call Mayor Harding and other city offices all summer and did not receive one returned call.
I have asked through the school’s channels, but it is not in their hands.
I dont know where else to turn.
I have a petition that is being signed by students at this time.
I am determined to move forward.
We the students of Yelm High School class of 2014, 2015 & 2016 would like to have a resolution or a plan we can leave in place for the upcoming students.

Shelby Gebb

Editor’s note:
I agree with Miss Gebb.
In my 25 years of residency here, I have never understood why there has not been a traffic director at Yelm Ave. and the High School entrance in the mornings and on exit in the afternoons.
And, why does YHS allow students to drive across the guest/handicapped front lot to exit secondarily on the west side of campus when school is dismissed daily, as well as the main entrance, which further backs-up traffic and commerce coming into Yelm?
THANK YOU MISS GEBB, for your courage in going public with this important issue!

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