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Meet the ‘Double-Dippers’ –
Harding & his boss, ALECxander –
both take 2 paychecks all year

While fellow constituents were treated to federal sequestrations cuts and a government shutdown delaying payments to thousands, these two “civil servants” were still collecting two paychecks from their tax payers!

Here are the facts:
1. Alexander
During 2013, Interim County Auditor and Rep. Gary Alexander “double-dipped” with two tax payer-funded jobs, plus those jobs’ benefits =
Thurston County Auditor’s salary $105,276
WA State Legislator’s salary $42,106
Total $147,382 salary plus added benefits

Rep. ALECxander is also a member of ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, where he sat as their Tax & Fiscal Policy Task Force member.
Funded by the Koch Brothers, ALEC’s goal is to pass pre-written boilerplate legislation in all of the states that would further their agenda that would be to the detriment to everyone except the 1%.

2. Harding
During 2013, Alexander annointed another “double-dipper” in his office with his appointment of Deputy Auditor in Yelm Mayor Ron Harding =
Thurston County Deputy Auditor salary $72,000 +
Yelm Mayor salary $30,000
Total $102,000 plus benefits
These two employees received over a quarter of a million dollars in salaries and benefits in 2013!

Yelm’s Mayor Ron Harding the highest paid mayor in Thurston County. Why?
[With a salary that was approved by his Yelm City Council!]

– John Gray of Olympia summed this up in his
Letter to the Editor published in The Olympian

“Alexander poor steward of the countys finances”
“More than any other elected official, we trust auditors to be responsible stewards of our tax dollars. While state government has had to tighten its belt, Gary Alexander has loosened his at taxpayer expense.

The same teachers he denied initiative-guaranteed pay increases have had to subsidize his two salaries, as both Thurston County auditor and state representative, and even had to pay to clean his dirty laundry.
As a January 2013 Associated Press article reported, A few days after Washington lawmakers approved a budget deal to lower state spending last year, small government Rep. Gary Alexander got $40.60 worth of dry cleaning done. Then he made sure taxpayers paid the bill. All told, Alexander billed taxpayers for over $500 worth of dry cleaning.

Since he was appointed as county auditor, in the same office where he himself once held a make-work political job, he has treated the county budget as a political patronage piggy bank even hiring Yelms mayor for job duties that are completely unclear. Thurston County taxpayers simply cannot afford to keep Gary Alexander as auditor.
Read more from the October 19th post.

Bottom Line:
If the Republicans are calling for a return of JZ Knight’s monies to Democrats due to alleged comments against gays, etc.,
comments from admitted-under-oath spliced videos to distort what was actually said for an agenda &
already adjudicated in a Thurston County Superior Court case in favor of Knight,
then where is balanced reporting about Alexander’s voting record against gays/lesbians in our state’s legislature?

2006 HB 2661 Expanding Jurisdiction of the Human Rights Commission (anti-bullying) 61-37 VOTED NO
2007 SB 5336 Domestic Partnerships 63-35 VOTED NO
2009 SB 5688 Anything but marriage 62-35 VOTED NO
2011 HB1267 Domestic Partners & Parentage 57-40 VOTED NO
2012 SB 6239 Marriage Equality 55-43 VOTED NO
Not only an opponent of the most basic civil rights for gays and lesbians, which was widely supported in Washington, in 2007 Alexander even voted against a law affirming the state legal rights of those with disabilities a law that passed the Senate 46-2.

I do not see a call by Democrats requesting Gary Alexander to return his funds donated to his campaign
from Mainstream Republicans of WA, on whose Board he sits:
Click here
From the PDC.

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