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Voter disenfranchisement wrapped in a flag

In response to Washington Republican Party demands for JZ Knight return donations to Democrats –

– It is appalling that fanatical Republicans would disenfranchise any lawful voter in this state. The State Republican Party wants to approve peoples beliefs before letting them participate in elections.

– The Koch brothers, ALEC, and other far-right extremists pour millions of dollars into our local campaigns to spread lies and, sadly, it is legal. Rep. Alexander sat on ALEC’s Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force.
The truth is Gary ALECxander has voted against Human Rights bills in the state legislature since 2006.
Do you really think he will be a fair Auditor for all eligible citizens?
Have you seen his voting record on LGBT issues?
2006 HB 2661 Expanding Jurisdiction of the Human Rights Commission (anti-bullying) 61-37 VOTED NO
2007 SB 5336 Domestic Partnerships 63-35 VOTED NO
2009 SB 5688 Anything But Marriage 62-35 VOTED NO
2011 HB1267 Domestic Partners & Parentage 57-40 VOTED NO
2012 SB 6239 Marriage Equality 55-43 VOTED NO
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Not only is he an opponent of the most basic Civil Rights for gays and lesbians, which is widely supported in Washington, in 2007 Rep. Alexander even voted against a law affirming the legal rights of people with disabilities a law that passed the Senate 46-2.
Now whos the bigot?

While fellow constituents were treated to a government shutdown delaying payments to thousands, these two “civil servants” were still collecting two paychecks from tax payers!

1. Alexander
During 2013, Rep. and Interim County Auditor Gary Alexander “double-dipped” with two taxpayer-funded jobs, plus benefits:
Thurston County Auditor $105,276 and
WA State Legislator $42,106.
Total $147,382, plus benefits.

2. Harding
Alexander appointed as his Deputy Auditor the Mayor of Yelm, Ron Harding:
Thurston County Deputy Auditor, $72,000 and
Yelm Mayor $30,000 [highest paid mayor in Thurston County].
Total $102,000, plus benefits.
These two employees received over a quarter of a million dollars in salaries and benefits in 2013!

– It is appalling that Washington State Republicans double-dip at the public trough while people everywhere are struggling. It is appalling the Republicans claim to support private, free-market capitalism and then attack a successful business leader. Their latest tactic is to slur JZ Knight even after she was vindicated in court in July.

– Dont let Republicans tell you how to think. The word “cult” represents just as much prejudice and antagonism as racial slurs or derogatory words for women and homosexuals.

– Gary Alexander is the Interim Auditor of Thurston County, responsible for upholding the rights of all voters. JZ Knight is his constituent. We call on Mr. Alexander to distance himself from the Republican Partys derogatory rhetoric and uphold the principles of the office he wishes to continue to hold.

– JZ Knight did NOT hold a fund-raiser for Mary Hall. We call on the Washington State Republicans to issue a correction of their distortion of the facts and an apology to JZ Knight, Mary Hall, and Washington Democrats.

– We strongly condemn actions to disenfranchise ANY voter from participating in their democratic right to support candidates of their choosing. The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and the Washington State Constitution both protect free speech and expressly protect the free exercise of religion and ones spiritual views.

– This is just another example of Republicans attempting to expunge and discredit Democratic voters around the country. Dont let state Republicans fool you. Unwrap their derogatory rhetoric and look at their abysmal record.

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