October 23, 2013

Rally Against NSA this Saturday in D. C.

Stop Watching Us: A Rally Against The NSAs Mass Surveillance
Washington, DC
October 26th

“Join Restore the Fourth, Access, ACLU, Center for Democracy and Technology, Demand Progress, EFF, Fight for the Future, Free Press, reddit, Mozilla, Public Knowledge & More”

“On Saturday, October 26 the 12th anniversary of the signing of the USA PATRIOT Act thousands of people from across the political spectrum will unite in Washington, D.C. to proclaim: Enough is enough. Stop watching us,” quoting Restorethefourth.net.
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October 22, 2013

Meet the ‘Double-Dippers’ –
Harding & his boss, ALECxander –
both take 2 paychecks all year

While fellow constituents were treated to federal sequestrations cuts and a government shutdown delaying payments to thousands, these two “civil servants” were still collecting two paychecks from their tax payers!

Here are the facts:
1. Alexander
During 2013, Interim County Auditor and Rep. Gary Alexander “double-dipped” with two tax payer-funded jobs, plus those jobs’ benefits =
Thurston County Auditor’s salary $105,276
WA State Legislator’s salary $42,106
Total $147,382 salary plus added benefits

Rep. ALECxander is also a member of ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, where he sat as their Tax & Fiscal Policy Task Force member.
Funded by the Koch Brothers, ALEC’s goal is to pass pre-written boilerplate legislation in all of the states that would further their agenda that would be to the detriment to everyone except the 1%.

2. Harding
During 2013, Alexander annointed another “double-dipper” in his office with his appointment of Deputy Auditor in Yelm Mayor Ron Harding =
Thurston County Deputy Auditor salary $72,000 +
Yelm Mayor salary $30,000
Total $102,000 plus benefits
These two employees received over a quarter of a million dollars in salaries and benefits in 2013!

Yelm’s Mayor Ron Harding the highest paid mayor in Thurston County. Why?
[With a salary that was approved by his Yelm City Council!]

– John Gray of Olympia summed this up in his
Letter to the Editor published in The Olympian

“Alexander poor steward of the countys finances”
“More than any other elected official, we trust auditors to be responsible stewards of our tax dollars. While state government has had to tighten its belt, Gary Alexander has loosened his at taxpayer expense.

The same teachers he denied initiative-guaranteed pay increases have had to subsidize his two salaries, as both Thurston County auditor and state representative, and even had to pay to clean his dirty laundry.
As a January 2013 Associated Press article reported, A few days after Washington lawmakers approved a budget deal to lower state spending last year, small government Rep. Gary Alexander got $40.60 worth of dry cleaning done. Then he made sure taxpayers paid the bill. All told, Alexander billed taxpayers for over $500 worth of dry cleaning.

Since he was appointed as county auditor, in the same office where he himself once held a make-work political job, he has treated the county budget as a political patronage piggy bank even hiring Yelms mayor for job duties that are completely unclear. Thurston County taxpayers simply cannot afford to keep Gary Alexander as auditor.
Read more from the October 19th post.

Bottom Line:
If the Republicans are calling for a return of JZ Knight’s monies to Democrats due to alleged comments against gays, etc.,
comments from admitted-under-oath spliced videos to distort what was actually said for an agenda &
already adjudicated in a Thurston County Superior Court case in favor of Knight,
then where is balanced reporting about Alexander’s voting record against gays/lesbians in our state’s legislature?

2006 HB 2661 Expanding Jurisdiction of the Human Rights Commission (anti-bullying) 61-37 VOTED NO
2007 SB 5336 Domestic Partnerships 63-35 VOTED NO
2009 SB 5688 Anything but marriage 62-35 VOTED NO
2011 HB1267 Domestic Partners & Parentage 57-40 VOTED NO
2012 SB 6239 Marriage Equality 55-43 VOTED NO
Not only an opponent of the most basic civil rights for gays and lesbians, which was widely supported in Washington, in 2007 Alexander even voted against a law affirming the state legal rights of those with disabilities a law that passed the Senate 46-2.

I do not see a call by Democrats requesting Gary Alexander to return his funds donated to his campaign
from Mainstream Republicans of WA, on whose Board he sits:
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From the PDC.

October 22, 2013

Introducing ‘Project Homeless Connect’ –
Event tomorrow in Tacoma

“On any given night in Pierce County 2000 people experience homelessness. This number includes babies, children, teens, and adults. They are victims of domestic violence, people with disabilities, veterans, and senior citizens.

Pierce County residents want better lives for their neighbors. We believe that hard working families should be able to go home to a safe, warm place. We believe that our veterans deserve the security of a place to live. We believe our children should know where they will sleep tonight.

Project Homeless Connect provides a starting place on the journey back to safety, stability, health, and hope. Project Homeless Connect reduces the duration of homelessness by providing services that address the basic needs; basic medical and dental care, access to education, employment and benefits systems, chemical dependency assessments, flu shots, haircuts, and much more all under one roof!

Because Project Homeless Connect is volunteer-driven, it also offers an amazing opportunity for community involvement and human connection. Come and help make Pierce County a better place to live for all its residents!”
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– The next Project Homeless Connect event is Wednesday, October 23rd at the Tacoma Dome Exhibition Hall (2727 East D St) from 9:00am to 3:00 pm.
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October 21, 2013

Gov. Inslee endorses Mary Hall for Thurston Auditor

Governor Jay Inslee

The Thurston County Democrats have announced in their Fall 2013 The Democrat quarterly newsletter that Washington Governor Jay Inslee has endorsed Mary Hall for Thurston County Auditor.
Read more of the full list of Mary Hall for Auditor endorsements.

October 21, 2013

Former Yelm visitor Jim Walden remembers Don James

Frequent Yelm visitor & former WSU Football Coach Jim Walden on the passing Sunday of UW Coach Don James:

From Christian Caple in the Tacoma News Tribune:
“James, who died Sunday morning at age 80 at his home in Kirkland after a battle with pancreatic cancer, will be remembered for his unrelenting organizational skills, which made so successful his storied, 18-year tenure as the Huskies coach. He will be remembered as the best to ever hold that position at UW, leading the Huskies to six conference championships, four Rose Bowl championships, and, most notably, an unbeaten, 12-0 record in 1991 that led to a share of the national championship.

Simply put, to more than one generation of Huskies fans, Don James The Dawgfather, as he became known set the standard of success for football at the University of Washington. His achievements remain the benchmark for any and all coaches after him.”

“James might have been all business, but he had a lighter side, too. Former Washington State coach Jim Walden remembers fondly his relationship with James, who didnt mind lobbing a friendly verbal volley toward Walden from time to time.

The two were friends despite their Mutt and Jeff differences in personality, Walden said, and routinely golfed together during the offseason.

‘He had a much better sense of humor than he ever got credit for,’ said Walden, an affable, outspoken sort. ‘He had a system, he had a regulation and by golly, thats what he did. I liked that about him.’
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From Chris Daniels on KING-5 TV in Seattle:
“‘I have an empty sad feeling, it’s like I lost a good friend,’ says former WSU Coach Jim Walden. ‘The state of Washington and the world of coaching has lost an unbelievly (sic) good man, good coach, good father, great husband, and good friend.’

Walden coached at WSU from 1978-1986 and added passion to the cross state rivalry. But he says people didn’t know the two were friends.

‘Don and I went on these coaches clinics together every year,’ says Walden. ‘I loved competing with him, because he brought out the best in me.’

“‘Behind the scenes Carol James and Don James were Jim and Janice’s good friends. We knew what it was like when the season started all of that went away and you gotta compete and fight your tail off,’ Walden says. ‘The University of Washington, the State of Washington, and all of us should be extremely proud we had Don James in our midst.'”
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Editor’s note:
James played quarterback at the University of Miami (Fla.) in the late 40’s and early 50’s, the same school where Walden was Assistant Coach for the 1973-1976 seasons.
Don James and Jim Walden relit the fire in the cross-state Apple Cup rivalry that still burns today.
Another UM connection, James’ 1991 team went 12-0, earning a share of the national championship in the coaches poll (12-0 Miami was named national champion in the AP poll).

October 21, 2013

NVN’s Wagar elected to WNPA Board

Photo credit: The Chronicle,
Centralia & Lewis County

“Nisqually Valley News Publisher Michael Wagar was elected to the board of directors of the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association [WNPA] at its 126th annual convention this past weekend in Olympia.”

“Wagar joins former NVN Publisher Keven Graves, who is the WNPAs boards first vice president. Graves is the publisher of the Whidbey News Group,” quoting the NVN.
[Graves was Wagar’s predecessor at the NVN for 13 years.]
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Congratulations to Mr. Wagar, who has brought a “breath of fresh air” to our local news reporting since joining the NVN in early 2013.

October 21, 2013

Yelm’s Bob Isom inducted in Moose Hall of Fame

Photo credit: Yelm City Council

Congratulations to the Washington State Northern Idaho Moose Association Assistant Regional Manager Bob Isom for being named to the Loyal Order of Moose Hall of Fame.

Logo by Moose International, Inc.

“The Loyal Order of Moose is a fraternal and service organization founded in 1888, with nearly 800,000 men in roughly 1,800 Lodges, in all 50 states and four Canadian provinces, plus Great Britain and Bermuda.”
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Isom joined the Yelm Moose in January 1978, becoming the lodge governor here in 1981 at age 28.
Click here for more about the Yelm Lodge.

At age 60, Isom is currently Yelm’s Mayor Pro-tem and on the November ballot for re-election to the City Council for his 4 1/2 term, after joining the Council in September 2000 and running unopposed in 2001, 2005 & 2009.
Isom chose not to submit a picture nor a statement of his vision for his next 4 year term in the Thurston County Voter’s Pamphlet, nor did he in 2009.
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October 20, 2013

Introducing Yelm Premier FC Soccer Pythons

Mission Statement -Puget Sound Premier League (PSPL):
“The primary focus of a successful soccer league is to promote the joy and fun of the game and to offer a safe venue for players to express themselves and develop their skills. The focus of this league will be to offer the player, their families, coaches, teams and clubs open and diverse fall and spring leagues. Puget Sound Premier aims to promote a healthier, less costly and more logical way to play year-round soccer.”
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About Puget Sound Premier League (PSPL):
“the league offers Fall, Winter & Spring leagues for boys and girls ages U-11 to U-18. We offer three different levels of competitiveness — Super, Classic and Copa in order of descending competitiveness. The Super League is the highest competitive league and competes at the premier level. Statewide travel is expected.”
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From Yelm Premier FC Pythons Head Coach/Mgr. Ken McInroy:
“Yelm Premier FC is a non-profit charitable organization established to help with the development of youth soccer within the Yelm community and surrounding area. Although we are non-profit, there are still substantial costs involved with training, tournaments, equipment, referees and securing soccer fields. In an effort to help defer some of these costs, donations are being sought to help fund our team and ensure a successful soccer season.
We are not a tax-exempt organization, so your donation can not qualify as a tax deduction.”

Check-out the girls soccer rankings.
– Ken McInroy
Yelm Premier FC
Click here for contact information to contribute.

Check-out where the Yelm girls soccer rank.

October 20, 2013

Introducing the re-opened Hart’s Lake Resort

Courtesy Google Maps: Hart’s Lake resort Location

Jeff Mayer in the Tacoma News Tribune recently featured the re-opening of the Hart’s Lake Resort.
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From the Hart’s Lake resort website:
Harts Lake Resort
Family owned 4 acre lake front property located near McKenna WA. great fun for the whole family, including; RV and tent camping. boat rentals available, private fishing dock. small deli.

Enjoy quiet fishing for trout, bass and Harts Lake is popular for catfish. large catfish have been caught up to 35 Lbs. open for fishing year round, be sure to bring a licence, and your pole and your ready to fish!

RV and tent camping, $27 RV a day/night $15 for tents day/night. temporary RV sites include electricity and water. tent sites include fire pits, electricity.

(Wi-Fi coming soon) enjoy snacks, hot dogs, sandwiches, etc.
boat rentals/dock fishing fees-boat rentals $25 all day. dock fishing $3 all day

Hart’s Lake Resort & Deli
Carol and Charlie Parsons, Owners
40014 Templin Rd S.
Roy, WA 98580
Phone: 360-458-8909

Editor’s Note:
Bravo to Hart’s Lake Resort for their service to our area’s visitors!
May they thrive and prosper.

October 19, 2013

Introducing Aspen Farms – Yelm

Never having heard previously of Aspen Farms, I read about their Horse Trials in the Nisqually Valley News on September 5, 2013, though the story explained nothing to their readers about them.

So, I decided to research for myself.
I discovered Aspen Farms Horse Trials bring many visitors to the Yelm area annually.
Here is their story from their websites:

“Aspen Farms is set on 240 acres just outside of Yelm, WA and is owned by Jonathan and Suzy Elliot. The rolling terrain makes an ideal event site yet it is close to restaurants, hotels, and a movie theatre. The site hosts two recognized Horse Trials annually with courses from beginner novice through advanced. The facility includes a 100 x 220 indoor arena and several outdoor sand rings.”

Their site is “the first event in WA to host an Advanced division, which is the highest level of eventing.”
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Aspen Farms Horse Trials site
15910 130th Trail SE, off Morris Rd SE
Yelm, WA. 98597
Facebook access