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City of Yelm Voters DO have a choice

The City of Yelm voter is left with what they think may be no options on the November 5 ballot.
However, several terrific choices are available:

In the vote for Mayor & City Council, all candidates listed below are all running unopposed.
Indeed, Council members Isom & Wood think so little of their constituents, they submitted no picture nor comment in the Voter’s Guide:

– Mayor Ron Harding
[Ed. Note: Thurston County’s highest-paid mayor at $30,000 a year, running for a 3rd term, unopposed a 2nd time, and earns over $100,000 a year plus benefits as Deputy Thurston County Auditor.],
– Mayor Pro-tem Bob Isom
[Ed. Note: Isom’s 5th election running unopposed],
– Council member Mike McGowan,
– Council member Tracey Wood
[Ed. Note: Wood ran against a very viable candidate in 2009 on a platform of serving the Yelm laborer, as a laborer himself. His 4 years of votes have been an utter disappointment, as he supported what is called “The Yelm Cabal” in every major decision, placing numerous tax burdens on his fellow constituents. Mr. Wood’s 52% win in 2009 with 474 votes in a city of 7,000 can hardly be called a mandate!],
– Council member Russ Hendrickson.

The Yelm Blogger recommends leaving your ballot BLANK on these candidates, which equates to a vote of NO-CONFIDENCE.

Yelm does not need a “Taj Mahal” on the backs of tax payers in a fragile economy marked by Sequestration cuts, a government shutdown and the recently announced massive job reductions at Dupont’s Intel.
Defeat this proposition and send this back to city hall for a less expensive alternative.

This view was posted in the Nisqually Valley News post-Primary edition August 8th on the Parks proosal:
“Politicians often exaggerate and/or obliterate facts to enhance their own POV, but it is extraordinary that the Deputy Auditor of Thurston County [Yelm Mayor Ron Harding] , whose job it is to get the the numbers right, would claim that out of a population of over 7,000 people, 442 “yes” votes is a “majority of the community.”
If he has any mathematical skills, his definition of community must be a lot different from mine.
Now I’m beginning to wonder about his language skills…
Gary Alexander chose Yelm’s Mayor as his Deputy. What was he thinking?”

How many times will this issue be on the ballot when a super-majority has not been reached for the City to get the message? This is round # 2.

The Yelm Blogger recommends a “NO” vote.

Rep. Gary Alexander as Interim Thurston County Auditor and his self-appointed Deputy Yelm Mayor Ron Harding are both “double-dipping” with two $100,000+ jobs plus benefits. Auditor Alexander just received a very critical state audit of his first year’s performance as Interim County Auditor.
Further, Rep. Alexander has voted against every civil rights bill in the State Legislature that this state’s voters passed in initiatives, demonstrating he is out of touch with his constituents.

Now, in an e-mail attributed to Alexander’s campaign and supporters, an attack is underway on a group of Yelm-area citizens in his race against Mary Hall.
Click here to read the e-mail.

* For the current Thurston County Auditor to disparage any citizen or group of citizens in supporting their candidate-of-choice for public office violates the Oath of Office he took to protect the interests of ALL of his constituents and is discriminatory.
I do not subscribe to disenfranchising anyone in the democratic process!

Quoting Michael Douglas’s POTUS character in the film The American President:
“He [the POTUS opponent] is interested in two things and two things only:
– making you afraid of it and telling you who’s to blame for it.
– That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you win elections.”
Every time JZ Knight, RSE and/or an RSE student participates in local government, Alexander/Harding, et al pull out the “fear” and “blame” cards. This is getting to be a tired charade.

Hall, the ONLY state and nationally certified elections official in this race.
Hall has conducted 83 elections to Alexander’s 1. Look for more mud-slinging coming from him for that’s all he’s got in his quiver.

The Yelm Blogger recommends a vote for Mary Hall for Thurston County Auditor.

Bill Hashim put three children through Yelm High School, his son Akel graduating 2009 Valedictorian and all have graduated from college. He has nearly 35 years of public service as an environmental professional, with 12 years post high school education and 8 years as an adjunct faculty at The Evergreen State College. Bill is a strategic planner by profession with skills in the group process.
With Schools Board District 4 candidate Edwards running unopposed after 28 years of service, the Yelm Community School’s Board needs some new ideas and they need a candidate of Hashim’s caliber.

While opponent Mark Rohwedder has an outstanding background, Hashim has 12 years more experience than Rohwedder as a strategic planner by profession and 8 years as an adjunct faculty at The Evergreen State College.

The Yelm Blogger recommends a vote for Bill Hashim, Yelm Community Schools, District 1.

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