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If Alexander wins, Yelm’s Harding era is over! –
If Mary Hall wins, the Alexander era is over!

Deputy Thurston County Auditor
& Yelm Mayor Ron Harding

Tuesday’s election results will signal a new direction potentially for either the City of Yelm or Thurston County:

1. If Interim Thurston County Auditor & Rep. Gary Alexander wins the Thurston County Auditor post, this will potentially set into motion a whole series of events:
– Yelm Mayor Ron Harding, running unopposed for a third term which means he is automatically elected mayor, will resign from that post to follow the lead of his boss Alexander, who previously stated he will resign from the WA. State Legislature by year’s end to devote himself full-time to the Thurston County Auditor’s position.
The “2013 Double-Dippers daze” in two government, tax payer funded jobs will finally come to an end.

– Once Harding resigns as mayor, the Yelm City Council will unanimously vote Yelm Mayor Pro-tem Robert Isom as Interim Mayor of Yelm.
[Editor’s Note:
Yelm’s Robert Isom is not the same Robert Isom who is chief financial officer for US Airways,]
Isom will then be Yelm’s next “double-dipper” leader by holding two tax payer funded, government jobs:
A. The highest-paid mayor in Thurston County @ $30,000 a year,
B. Employment Security Program Coordinator 3 for the State of Washington “with a [2011] salary of $57,745, which is 56.7% more than the average for all Employment Security Department Washington State Employees.”

– Isom is currently 60 years of age, so can be expected to be Mayor of Yelm for 8 years, as his 68th birthday will mark his 40th anniversary as a Yelm Moose member.

– Once Isom is appointed Interim Mayor of Yelm, expect JW Foster to be approved as Yelm’s Mayor Pro Tem, waiting in the wings to be mayor when Isom retires.

– Alexander will be 70 in 2014 and potentially will step aside and allow his Deputy Auditor Ron Harding to run for his Thurston County Auditor position on the November 2014 ballot.

2. If Mary Hall wins the Thurston County Auditor post:
– Yelm Mayor Ron Harding will continue to be the highest paid mayor in Thurston County at $30,000 a year.
Several citizens have expressed an interest to call for the Yelm City Council to consider a salary rollback. We’ll see what they do on this.
Given her 16 years in the Pierce County Auditor’s Office and her experience, Hall will certainly not keep Ron Harding on as Deputy Auditor, with only 12 months experience in a major position and little formal education or training for this post. Harding’s appointment by Alexander in the Auditor’s office was politically motivated, not based on hiring the best, most highly qualified person for the job.

– Interim Thurston County Auditor & Rep. Gary Alexander is presumably not going to be appointed into the County Auditor’s office after his negative assessments of Hall and will resign from the State Legislature by year’s end, as he previously stated.
Alexander’s political career is then over and Harding’s political ambitions are temporarily sidelined until he would run against Mary Hall next year for the County Auditor’s position.


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