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First report on Election Results affecting Yelm

– “2013 General Election Results Are In”
From the Nisqaully Valley News
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– “Thurston County auditor race: Too close to call in initial returns”
From Lisa Pemberton in The Olympian.
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– “Port commission: Gunn leading Davis in potential upset of the night”
From Rolf Boone in The Olympian.
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– “Washington voters rejecting GMO labeling law”
From the AP.
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– “Yelm Community Schools School Board Director, Dist. 1,
Mark Rohwedder leads William Hashim 55.99 percent to 44.01 percent in Thurston County. In Pierce County, Rohwedder leads Hashim 75.48 percent to 22.97 percent.”
From the Nisqually Valley News.
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– Yelm Proposition One, Park Bond apparently not passing
“For the second time, voters are rejecting the City of Yelm park bond, with 49.23 voting for it and 50.77 percent voting against it. The measure needed a supermajority of 60 percent in order to pass.”
From the Nisqually Valley News.
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Editor’s Note:
The Nisqually Valley News called me last night to get my response to the Yelm Park Bond apparently not going to pass.

Thurston County Elections Supervisor Steve Homan said the proposition required 918 votes with 60% of them being yes in order to pass, the 918 figure being the required 40% of the voters who voted in the last general election.

Only 845 votes had been tallied Tuesday night, with 49.23 percent approving the proposition.

I told their reporter this:
This is a “Lesson of Consequence” no matter the results of this vote.
With TWO ballots now undertaken on this by the City of Yelm, and neither reaching the 918 voters required for a super-majority, with barely 10% of the population of Yelm casting ballots to date, 90% of the residents here would pay taxes for 25 years based on the vote of 10% of the population.
Something is dreadfully wrong here!
The “Lesson of Consequence” is when so few vote on an issue that affects property owners’ wallets for 25 years, where those who did not vote suffer the consequences.

I was asked what I think is the issue.
I said “lack of education.”
The Yelm City Council had a Public Hearing, Mayor Harding spoke to the Yelm Chamber and Yelm Rotary and there were several high-profile newspaper stories.
However, THAT does not educate the public.
When the Yelm Schools’ Levy or SE Thurston Fire Levies finally passed, that was due to a huge effort to educate the public, with voters responding FOR these levies from an educated place.

Mayor Ron Harding chose to NEVER hold a Town Hall Public Forum on any issue since becoming mayor.
His 610 votes to date in a city of 8,000 for a 3rd term, incumbent mayor running unopposed is a HUGE lack-of-confidence statement by his constituents, especially when a 3rd term incumbent city council member running unopposed garnered 613 votes (Mike McGowan).

This speaks volumes about Harding’s lack of leadership, given that he has a full-time tax payer funded job in the Thurston Auditor’s Office, with Yelm taking a back-seat in his focus in 2013.

Send the Park Bond back to City Hall, get public input through a Public Forum and form a committee representing the community’s cross-section to analyze and assess, then present again in a year, though a scaled-down Park Bond version more aligned with current economic conditions that does not unduly burden or military property owners here.

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