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Mayor Harding has his hands filled –
Yelm in media spotlight on his part-time watch

1. Mary Hall apparent winner of County Auditor’s post
Yelm Mayor Ron Harding and Deputy Thurston County Auditor has had a nice run in 2013 lining his pockets with over $142,000 in double-dipper salary plus benefits funded by tax payers in Thurston County and the City of Yelm.
However, now that Mary Hall has effectively won the County Auditor’s position, Hall has stated she will hire the best qualified candidates to work with her in the Auditor’s office. With no formal business degree nor finance training, Harding is likely to be handed his pink slip by the end of the year, effectively ending his $112,000 a year Deputy Auditor’s salary.
He will have to return his focus to being the highest paid mayor in Thurston County, maintaining that $30,000 annually, unless a salary rollback petition is advanced by residents, as many suggest.

2. Harding’s dream of the a Park Levy failed for a second time.
Says NVN publisher/Editor Michael Wagar,
“Klein said if the city wants to pursue park improvements, it would be wise to form a committee of citizens and hold a forum for public input.”

“I urge Klein and Harding to work together to engage the public, rework a reinvigorated parks upgrade plan and keep striving until a proposal passes public approval.”
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While I am happy to work with Mayor Harding on a revised Park Plan if approached, I know I am the last person Mr. Harding would likely call to work on this.

3. Unopposed, incumbent 3rd term Mayor Harding received votes from only 10% of city’s population.
That is hardly an endorsement, especially when a city council member received more votes than the mayor.

4. Public Hearing tonight followed by an Ad Valorem tax vote
“Motion to approve Ordinance No. 980 setting the amount fixed as Ad Valorem for the regular levy of property tax necessary to raise revenues for essential expenditures for the City of Yelm for the fiscal year 2014,” to be voted in by the Yelm City Council tonight,” quoting the Yelm City Council Agenda.

5. A Yelm story is about to go national
– KOMO TV 4 News in Seattle featured this additional angle to Yelm’s developing story last night
“Church food bank fights City of Yelm over massive fine”
By Mark Miller for KOMO-TV 4 News.
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See Guest Entry below for more on this.

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