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Yelm’s Prop 1, Park Bond Fails –
Public deems project too expensive

Master Plan for Yelm City Park costing $5.7 million

From Steven Wyble in the Nisqaully Valley News:
“For the second time, voters are rejecting the City of Yelm park bond, with 49 voting for it and 51 percent voting against it. The measure needed a supermajority of 60 percent [918 votes] to pass.”

“Yelm Mayor Ron Harding said … that was disappointing, as much because of the low voter turnout on an issue of such importance to the community as for the results themselves.”

“‘This is why we do these votes like this, is to gauge the desire of the community and I think based on that well try to regroup and look for a Plan B,’ he said.”

Local blogger Steve Klein, who wrote the voters pamphlet statement against the measure, said he was disappointed by the low voter turnout.

‘Regardless of the decision, we have a lesson of consequence, both for those that voted for it and against it, because we have such low voter participation,’ he said. ‘Nobody has to blame anybody but the lack of participation in voting here. This is a very poor turnout for an issue that if it would have won, or if it does win eventually, that is going to tax people for 25 years. This is a very, very low voter turnout, 10 percent of the total population of this area deciding for the whole area. Thats disheartening.’

Klein said one of his main criticisms of the city that it didnt engage the public enough while planning for the measure may be part of the reason voter turnout was so low.

The city says that they had public input, he said. No, they didnt. They had a couple of public hearings in city hall. Thats not enough to educate the public.

Klein said if the city puts the measure back on the ballot, hed like to see the city form a committee of public volunteers to create a forum to educate people on the issue and gather public input.
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– “Park Vote Discouraging; Time to Press On”
NVN Publisher/Editor Michael Wagar pens his views.
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Editor’s note:
And speaking of low voter turnout, Mayor Harding has received only 773 votes to date, a 3rd term incumbent mayor, running unopposed and getting only 10% of his city’s population vote is no mandate, for sure. Why even City Council member Mike McGowan continues to garner more votes than Harding.

None of the other Council members all running unopposed, should be heartened by their unopposed “wins,” including for the 5th time running unopposed, Mayor Pro-tem Bob Isom.
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This IS a Lesson of Consequence!
This city turns out to vote for School & Fire Levies when they have been properly informed and are jazzed.

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