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“‘Incontrovertible Evidence’ Saudi Gov’t Helped 9/11 Hijackers”

“U.S. President George W. Bush welcomes
Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Abdullah to his ranch in Crawford, Texas,
April 25, 2005”
Photo credit: Reuters

Editor’s note:
While this story is not directly related to Yelm-area issues, this does highlight the lack of transparency in the Federal government that permeates all the way to the local level, which this blog covers extensively.

By Paul Sperry, a Hoover Institution media fellow and author of ‘Infiltration and ‘Muslim Mafia’:
“After the 9/11 attacks, the public was told al Qaeda acted alone, with no state sponsors.

But the White House never let it see an entire section of Congress investigative report on 9/11 dealing with specific sources of foreign support for the 19 hijackers, 15 of whom were Saudi nationals.

It was kept secret and remains so today [December 15, 2013].

President Bush inexplicably censored 28 full pages of the 800-page report. Text isnt just blacked-out here and there in this critical-yet-missing middle section. The pages are completely blank, except for dotted lines where an estimated 7,200 words once stood (this story by comparison is about 1,000 words).”

“The Saudis deny any role in 9/11, but the CIA in one memo reportedly found ‘incontrovertible evidence’ that Saudi government officials not just wealthy Saudi hardliners, but high-level diplomats and intelligence officers employed by the kingdom helped the hijackers both financially and logistically. The intelligence files cited in the report directly implicate the Saudi embassy in Washington and consulate in Los Angeles in the attacks, making 9/11 not just an act of terrorism, but an act of war,” as quoted from the New York Post.
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