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PROPHETIC: “Orson Welles On The Police (1955)”

Click here for Welles’ prophetic video.

“This is the third episode of Orson Welles Sketchbook in which he discusses the invasion of privacy by police and the authorities at home and abroad. Originally Aired: May 22, 1955,” quoting Liberty Crier.
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Editor’s note:
This news about police killing Americans in record numbers is alarming:
– “Americans Killed by Cops Now Outnumber Americans Killed in Iraq War”
“Cops have killed well over 5,000 Americans since 9/11. Many of these killings have occurred during no-knock raids, which have risen by 4000% since the 1980s.

The police are getting paid with our money to go on shooting sprees and they are killing more of us than the terrorists from whom they protect us.”

“Do not be too surprised. This data is to be expected; it naturally fits with the fact that the State uses counter-terrorism as a means to oppress and initiate violence against the population. In fact, you are eight times more likely to be killed by a cop than by an actual ‘terrorist,'” quoting Filming Cops.
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– “Police Overkill Has Become The Default American Policy”
“The term police state used to be brushed off as paranoid hyperbole. Not anymore.”
By Chase Madar, TomDispatch
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